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Saturday, September 25, 2010

oops! . . . brings blessings amidst great distress!

Have you ever had one of those sinking moments when you instinctively know you goofed, big time?  Well, I had one of those just this week.  I was looking for some pictures to add to my little blog and could not find the memory-disk from the camera anywhere.  After searching for quite some time, it hit my heart like a ton of  falling bricks where it was.  While preparing for the wedding, the little memory-disk from the camera filled up and so we went and purchased a new one.  I tried fitting it in the camera case, which is quite small, just big enough for the camera, and the little memory disk just didn't fit quite right.  I didn't want it to get damaged, so placing it in it's little protective plastic case, I put it in the zippered compartment of my purse for safe keeping.  Well, two weeks ago one of the handles on that purse broke in half.  Deciding to be wise and not be a pack-rat, (of which I have a tendency to be) of unnecessary items hanging around, I dutifully emptied the purse and threw it away.  However, I didn't check the zippered compartment, where I am confident the little disk from my camera is still being safely stored, which is now in the local landfill. oops!  not such a bright moment in my life.  Now, I know why I am a pack-rat. . . pack-rats, never throw anything away, therefore never loose anything permanently, they can't get into their homes, and can't find anything in those said homes, but at least they know everything is still there.

However, with this event I was quickly reminded of another time when an ancient prophet was prompted to do something that he too did not fully understand the reasoning.  You may be asking how this applies to a silly little memory disk.  Well, let me share the story with you.  In December, I was trying to get all those hundreds of pictures on my computer and was having a difficult time and asked the genius for help.  You see, my computer is kind of sick and VERY slow, so The Genius graciously offered to put the pics that I needed on his computer, when I told him to put them ALL on he was a little incredulous, but as I insisted, he finally relented.  Now this week at the height of my distress, he said wait a minute, I have those pictures on my computer.  How blessed I felt.  Neither one of us understood why we needed ALL those pics transferred, but now we do.  Granted he didn't have the most recent, but the bulk of them were there.  Most of the others, from the wedding preparations are on my computer.  We were making a "Wedding Memories/Planning book for The Daughter, and one Sunday afternoon, I transferred several of those pictures onto my computer for future use of that project.  So, while we are missing some pictures not all is lost.  How the Lord blesses us and we don't even realize it at the time.

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