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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

running adventures begun. . .

my running shoes, I love the fun colors!
So I went running on Monday, 2.2 miles to be exact.  What a great way to begin with my new goal.  This is actually my second start at running, the first being for the Cache Valley Sprint Triathlon earlier this summer. I'm in fairly good shape just coming off of a season total of 2205 miles on the bike, and my start 3 months prior.  My run felt great and I actually did better than I thought I would and was energized and excited about my new venture, until today.  My legs are obviously not used to running and they are painfully STIFF & SORE!  Who would have guessed, I mean seriously, 2 miles is not that far, considering that I was running 3 miles in July preparing for a triathlon.  Today, I realized that I am basically starting over.  Much to my disappointment, I didn't think I should attempt another heroic effort in running attire today.  Instead, today consisted of stretching, general tedious housework and laundry.  It kind of stinks to spend your day off doing such boring tasks, in fact, I've spent a good portion of my day looking at the clouds in the sky wanting to share my day with the wild outdoors in some way, but I added to my blog and the sheets are clean and that feels good too. :-)  Today I also made progress on our biscuit recipe, which was fun, and we had biscuits & gravy for breakfast. A couple of minor adjustments, and I think we will have the perfect biscuit.

What is the "perfect" biscuit to you?  soft, dense, cakey and slightly chewy, flaky, crumbly. . .  share your thoughts with me I would love to hear them.

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