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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Class at Kitchen Kneads

So, this has been a very busy week! I took Thursday as a day off at my real job, so I could get everything ready for my class.

 I taught a cooking class at our local, and might I add, my favorite cooking gadget store! 

I always get super nervous about these classes with a hundred potential failures running through my mind.  These concerns are not unwarranted either, I have had something go wrong at each one.  When I was teaching soups & stews I was using an immersion blender and lifted it too far out of the pan, while it was still going, and splattered squash soup everywhere, the floor, the counter, and particularly me!  I even caught a couple of participants on the front row, it was an embarrassing mess!

One of the exciting things that is really fun about teaching a cooking class is that you get to have everything ready, just like on TV, complete with a mirror so everyone can see what you're doing.  They have everything you need, to make any culinary creation. so you don't "knead" to bring your own kitchen, just the ingredients, which they buy.  Imagine grocery shopping on someone else's budget, it's kind of fun.  I did bring my own skillet for the Chicken Divan.

This Class was all about easy one dish meals. Because the class was smaller I halved the recipes, well, all except one ingredient, the milk, for the Blueberry French Toast, so it didn't turn out so swell, it was a little mushy.  But they still got the gist of it all and they said it was good.

One of the fun things about teaching these classes is I get to cook!  However, my favorite part is that they do ALL the dishes!!!! that is the best part!  The second best part is that they pay me to come make a mess, so they can clean up.  pretty cool I think.

 Mise-en-place (meec en plauce)  literally means:  every thing in place, and everything has been cut, shredded and separated into each recipe for demonstration.

Of course I demonstrated the cobbler, also featured in "The Bakery" for October, along with our family favorite age old casserole. Corned Beef Casserole.

Corned Beef Casserole has been a favorite family feature for as long as I can remember, and the class loved it too. oops, the cheese is missing, must be on the wrong tray!  The cooked Corned Beef is under the noodles.

Only I have found a new secret, use real corned beef and it is more amazing than ever! 
The Corned Beef is ready to cook.  I'm using a pressure cooker, an essential kitchen gadget.

Last, we did Chicken Florentine.   Florentine means "with spinach".  This casserole is layered between layers of puff pastry, but also works with dumplings right in the pan, or with biscuits.  This is a very versatile dish.  We have also made them into "pockets" with puff pastry or pizza dough.  If you shred your chicken extra fine and omit the vegetables, it makes a great dip.

There's the cheese cubes for the Corned Beef Casserole!  I also found a new kitchen gadget.  The picture isn't very well positioned (I'll get better at the photo stuff, I promise)  but can you see the little green and clear thing with wheels at the center top of the photo, it has black wheels. . . well it is a garlic chopper and it is soooo cool.  I am going to get one for my own assortment of kitchen gadgets.

Over all, class was great, but as always I'm glad it's over, I stress too much over these things, and the most depressing part, I gained a couple of ounces in the process.  I love food, and can't seem to leave it alone when I'm around it.  To top it off with the change of seasons, it gets dark too quickly and is a little too chilly in the morning for a ride.  The running is coming along just fine, but I'm not quite where I can go for a run every day.  I'm glad it's a new week and I can get back in the program, I'm starting to feel unhealthy.

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  1. I am impressed with all that you do Annette. Thanks for sharing.,,,,Barbara