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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Daughters B-day

The Daughter came up for her birthday and so we made her favorite b-day cake.

She loves spice cake and since it was a full and very busy week I decided to go simple and surprise her.  Spice cake with German topping.  This is a rich cake and full of calories, but worth every bite.  My philosophy: if you are going to eat, make it taste good and worth it.  For dinner we went out for all you can eat pizza.  A perfect b-day celebration. 

 The Daughter's hubby is waiting patiently for cake!

The Genius, not so patient. . . .   
                                                                                                             Ever heard of the chant, I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice-cream?  Sometimes I wonder if that little chant was made just for us.  We love ice-cream at our house.  If we have it in the freezer, we will eat ice-cream for breakfast, lunch, dessert., or anytime for a snack.  We have even started to convert the hubby, which is pretty great.  believe it or not, between the four of us, we completely finished this tub of Farr's Vanilla Bean Ice-Cream (my personal favorite flavor) over the course of two days!  Just for the record, the hubby helped a great deal in depleting our tub of ice-cream.  Yummy, Yummy.

This is a slice of moist, rich, delicious spice cake.

To make spice cake you need quick oats.  I don't know of any other use for quick 1-minute oatmeal other than this cake, I think they are pretty gross as oatmeal for breakfast. . . . 
mush is the only description that comes to mind.
I love real oats, and have those almost every day for breakfast.

Mix all the ingredients together

cream the crisco and sugars together

add in the flour and spices, and mix with a paddle attachment.

Pour into baking pans, and bake.
We made two cakes one regular size and one little itty-bitty one that the daughter
could take home with her.  That makes her birthday last an extra couple of days.

you know it is done when the cake just barely pulls away from the sides and the center will spring back when you lightly touch it with your finger, it won't leave a finger print.

remove cakes from pans and let them cool on a cooling rack. I used a spring form pan,
but regular pans will work just fine.

To create the favorite birthday cake, first you have to tort it, we typically have five layers.  While possible, this can be a little tricky to do without a cake slicer.
It works best if you have evenly sliced cuts.  
but you can use string or dental floss,
 just be careful not to mix up which direction and which order you cut each slice.

Line your serving dish with pieces of foil before placing your cake on the plate. 
Use strips, not just one piece.

move the cake slices onto the plate centering the first cake slice over the foil.

Alternating between cream cheese frosting and German filling, fill between each layer.

Cover the entire cake with cream cheese icing.

Cover the top with German topping. and drizzle with caramel sauce.

Remove the foil strips and notice how your plate is sparkling clean,
with no icing smudges to clean up
Your cake is ready. . .
                                                               isn't that so easy!

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