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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Fun

To kick off the Halloween season, the genius, the friend, the daughter, and the hubby went to a haunted house. I had to work. . . I know BORING!    The report is that they had a great time. 

It's funny how previous to this year Halloween as a holiday, if you can call it a holiday, has never had much appeal to me.  I think this year is different because of you.  See, it's always been about getting costumes ready for the kids, this year, it was either me or the dog. . . but this whole blog thing keeps me thinking about how to have something amusing to write about,  Halloween seemed like just the ticket. . .

It all started with dreams of a pumpkin patch.  Sort of like the one you see Linus and Charlie Brown sitting in, while waiting for the great pumpkin. . .

Well, we didn't quite find a pumpkin patch, I think we waited a little too long to go pumpkin shopping, we did find great pumpkins at a local farm though.  The genius and the friend are all on board with eagerness.

. . .  and the pumpkins are all safe and comfortable for the ride home.  Mine is the BIG one!

The table is covered with newspaper, and we have the handy dandy pumpkin carving tool kit out.  I actually purchased this little set of tools several years ago while in culinary school.  Who would have guessed that it would come in so handy for pumpkin carving.  I think it's the only time of year that we use it.

The genius and the friend are focused on their projects. . . .  The ultimate creative juices are flowing

Mine is just a cute pumpkin face

 All cleaned up, and our pumpkin friends are waiting for Halloween night!

 Select a pattern, find the fabric, purchase a mop, some dye, get out the salt, and the fun begins
fun to me is fun, not morbid or gory but rather, cute and happy

Using a mop, some red dye, salt, a large pot, and hot steaming water, simmer the mop for a couple of hours.  Rinse with lots of cold water and you get. . . .

 . . . . a red mop

Let the mop dry for several days, and then put the it on the beautician's head that the daughter left in her closet, which came in sort of handy for this project,

 give the mop a hair cut and you have the perfect Raggedy Ann wig. 

Figuring out the pattern can be the biggest challenge.
This pattern didn't have a lot of pieces,
but they were  HUGE and they all had to fit on my piece of fabric.

Because we live in a small house, our kitchen table wears almost every title, craft table, work table, dinner table, work bench, construction zone, butchers block, homework station, parking spot for groceries, purses, anything that comes in the door usually gets parked on the table.  it serves many functions, and it is not uncommon to be wanting a place to sit to eat, and we have to relocate the current project for a minute.  It seems like the table is never really cleaned off.

after figuring out how the pattern pieces go on the fabric, and it is all cut out, you sew, sew, sew.  Because I got carried away in other weekly activities and true to fashion for myself, I was sewing my costume together the night before Halloween,

. . . . . but the final product was great. 

 We had the option of dressing up for work, it was fun.
I had a few customers ask me where I found my wig, it is the perfect Raggedy Ann wig.  The ruffle on the apron was a little large, it kept falling down so you can't see the cute blue buttons, 
but I will have to fix it later.  Off to work we go. . .

Other people dressed up too. . . . .
 I just received this picture via e-mail.  The daughters hubby dressed up for his long day at the office. . . not bad.  the daughter, the genius, and the friend were fuddy-duddies!  We will work on them for next year. . . and maybe even the dog. . .


  1. First of all... the costume looks AWESOME! Great job! Second... the Cream Cheese Birthday cake looks soooo good!
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    Great blog, keep posting!!!

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