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Monday, November 29, 2010

winter arrived in a bluster!

 This storm came in with a blustering wind.  They were so nervous about it being bad that they closed the schools early, government offices closed, the University closed, even the store I work for closed early so people wouldn't have to drive around while it was blowing through.  In the end it was a bad storm, but probably not bad enough to close down the entire town.  but it made for an exciting day anyway.

 The only thing about this storm is that it blew in the day before we were leaving for Colorado for Thanksgiving.  We were kind of concerned about holiday travel.  This picture is taken through the sliding glass door to the back yard.  the snow and ice was building up the side of the window.  when you open the door it sort of just stays like that and doesn't move until you move it.

 This is the front of the house during a little break in the storm.  it just plastered everything white.

Oscar likes to play in the snow.  He went exploring as soon as he could get outside.

 By the time this storm got done snowing, we had about 12" of cold wintery snow!  We would have been able to bury Flat Stanley, but we left his head poking out.  It's hard to explain snow with pictures but it is light, fluffy, and cold.


The snow sticks to everything it freezes and you have to kick your shoes to get as much off as possible, if you don't it melts as soon as you go inside and then it leaves puddles all over everything.  If you step in the puddles it gets your socks wet and then your feet are cold and wet.  It's important to wear big boots to keep your feet and toes warm and dry.

 Oscar loves to play in the snow and blazes new trails.  he is actually chasing down a toy right now.

 The snow sticks to Oscar dog really bad, it's hard to get it out of his fur.  Usually we try to brush as much off of him as we can before he shakes it EVERYWHERE leaving melted snow puddles everywhere he's been.
We didn't quite get the table into the garage.  oops!  we still need to do that later today

This is what winter looks like after the storm.  Beautiful!  It's easy to think that the sun is out and it's going to be warm, but it's just a trick that mother nature likes to play.  you soon learn that when the sun comes out it looks beautiful, but it is COLD, when these pictures were taken at approximately 11:00 am it was only 10°, thats how cold it would be if you were to sit inside your freezer.

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  1. Okay, I'm a little slow - Flat Stanley looks like he is having a great time! Wow, the snow - Kaelyn is so excited he got to see snow (she even squealed) the pics of fall trees are breathtaking! I do miss the fall..... Brenda