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Monday, December 13, 2010

got a sick computer?

So, just in case you, my loyal blog followers are wondering what has happened this past week, I mean there has been no new entertainment, no new joy from adventures from me.  Well let me explain, The adventures are far from over!   Last week I was almost done with my exciting post of Thanksgiving dinner, I actually had two posts almost ready, the next one was our trip home and the computer went "poof" and turned off.  My first observation was that it wasn't a power failure, because I still had lights.  My next course  of action was to try to turn it back on.  That didn't work either.  It would act like it wanted to start then within about 20 seconds, poof, it did not want to turn on, period.

Fortunately, I have my own computer trauma surgeon living in the basement, so naturally I went and got the genius, who was sleeping at the time.  See we work in different time zones.  I wake up with the sun, the genius entertains the stars.  He was gracious enough to say hello to Mr. Sunshine this particular Friday morning to see if he could help with my growing dilemma, ie: no computer.  The other unfortunate thing about this Friday morning is that the genius was scheduled for knee surgery, so wasn't much help for a few days, and then I became his personal assistant (being a surgical assistant to a computer was as interesting as it gets here) as we disassembled one of my beloved friends, My Computer.

This is the inside of my computer, lovely isn't it.

The prognosis wasn't too bad, probably a power supply went out.   While this caused an abrupt end to my planned activities, I patiently assisted the genius, who was feeling pretty great on narcotics, as we gradually unplugged component after component.  This is where I learned that a computer is like a string of Christmas Tree lights.  one light goes out. . .  the whole string is very unhappy and all lights refuse to cooperate. 

The first thing we did was to plug in an old fan, from the genius's part's collection, just to see what would happen.  This fan sounded more like a nut grinder, than a computer fan, but served the purpose of determining if the power supply was the problem.  Still nothing.  This was obviously an incorrect prognosis, the power supply wasn't the problem.  

We gradually removed component after component until we had literally every thing that makes a computer run, either on the desk or on the available floor space.  I crawled in and under the desk retrieving wires and necessary cords to assist in the project.  On Tuesday, we turned it on and it worked!!!  We decided that we were saved and determined it must be one of the hard drives.  We sang praises and planned a budget for March to get a new puter, counting my blessings the whole time.  We looked up a couple of things on the Internet and within ten minutes, the computer decided it once again had had enough.  This sent us back to the drawing board, and recalled songs of praise.
Over the course of four days in-between work and a recovering genius we finally determined that my computer was officially pronounced "dead".  It finally refused to even start to turn on. 

We had everything disconnected except the processor and the mother board and one stick of ram.  no hard drives, no graphics, even the modem had been removed, and we found the same result. . . nothing.  Dr. Genius has determined that the motherboard is the problem.. . .

there is no cure, our only option is a new computer.

While this expenditure is not in the budget, my whole live evolves around this little machine.  I can't pay bills, I don't even know how much money I have in my checking account!  It's all in the computer. . . UGH!  I can't even "blog"  all my pictures are on the hard drive, which without a motherboard, are all inaccessible!

So while we are working on plan B, a new computer, the genius says we should be up an running by Christmas.  I have plenty of stuff to blog, I just need all the files, pictures and everything else from the hard drive, which the genius says we will be able to recover when I get the new computer.  A little time and you will again have new adventures to read about!

So, until then, keep watching and as you can see, there is always "Joy in the Journey", hey, I am officially a computer surgical assistant and I am getting a new puter. . . . fast, and zippy. . . yippy-yay, now that's exciting.  I'll be back as soon as possible.

Have a great day, and find the joy in your own journey!

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