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Sunday, December 26, 2010


As my loyal blog followers know, just after Thanksgiving my computer went "poof" and died on the spot.  So I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new puter!

 Then, on December 21, at approx. 1:41 pm MST this little yellow delivery truck pulled up in front of my driveway and dropped off this beautiful box!  I love delivery trucks, especially yellow ones.

Of course the Genius went right to work and excitedly and tenderly removed the contents.  Even Oscar was riveted with the anticipation of it all.   I think the Genius was more excited than I was.   First because he always gets excited about new toys, and second, while he has been good about letting me use his computer, I complained just a tad that it didn't have all my files, pictures, and stuff that I was used to using.

But he was excellent with the camera, so we have this exciting moment on pictures.

  Here it is, fresh out of the box, let me introduce you to our new puter!

Complete with everything needed to make a computer run.  

The Genius is only a little envious, my processor is a tad bit better than his!  :-) 
My new puter is fast and zippy, just like I expected, it's also super quiet you can't even hear it humming to life when it's turned on.
It took a couple of days, but we are up and functioning again and as promised, I will get the blog all up to date.

. . . It's good to be back!

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