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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's a new year - - - 2011

Hello everyone, so, I ran into a new problem today as I was preparing my blog.  I have used up all my free storage space for pictures and had to purchase more!  My options were to 

A.  abandon my blog :-(  
B.  Purchase more space

so here we are with more space.  The genius says that I have enough space now to last me a VERY long time.  so now, back to blogging. . . .  it's so easy to see that life really is an adventure, it never stands still, and is not very predictable at all.

These funny things are my Christmas socks. . . 
This purchase began with an odd phone call while I 
was at work.  "Mom, do you like moose or bears"  Well, I determined that it quite possibly would depend on first: the fuzzy cuddly factor, but after that, the cute factor would definitely determine the final decision.  it's obvious that the moose won the cute factor in this case!

The daughter was telling us that she heard about a survey or something that determined that one of the worst gifts for Christmas was socks. . . imagine that!  I love getting new socks, cute, or simply boring white ones, new socks are the best!

The genius got these cool little bowls and a wok, and treated us with this oriental noodle dish.  fabulous are about all I can say.  One day I will feature his sushi here.   sooooo good!  Almost as good as this pecan brittle that Jamie brought. . . .  words just don't describe this stuff. . . .

This is the most fabulous pecan brittle I have ever had, I'm not sure exactly where the cousins found it, but I would take it again any day!  Jamie, you are welcome to stay here WHENEVER you want, all I need for payment, is more of this stuff!  It's embarrassing to admit that I ate almost the entire box single handed :-(    Which means with all of the other junk I consumed over the holidays my pants aren't quite fitting like they were in November!  Good thing it's January, and I am back in business.  I have a full schedule planned for this coming year.  So the training is back into full swing.  It's official, My December hiatus is now, painfully, officially over.

isn't this little guy cute!  The daughter's hubby gave him to me for Christmas.  I debated quite a long while whether or not to just keep him out year round, but finally decided to put him in cold storage for the winter.  (cold storage is in the garage and when the temperatures plummet to anything below zero, I think that qualifies as "cold" storage)  How exciting it will be every year when I get him out along with all the other Christmas decor, it will be just as much fun as when I opened him up on Christmas day!

For New Year's Eve we traditionally have Nachos for dinner, while we play games and set off fireworks as we usher in the new year.  This year didn't work out quite that way.  My cousins from Denver came over for a visit and we were planning to recreate Thanksgiving Dinner, which was a fine and wonderful idea.  However on the determined Wednesday, I was sick, meaning I couldn't even be horizontal.  I sat in a chair folded over for most of the day.  So we postponed dinner to Friday, which was New Year's Eve.  We just rearranged the house and set up for a festive meal in our exclusive dining room, known throughout the rest of the year as the Living Room.

I taught the genius how to shape rolls, he did an excellent job!  And yes they were perfectly soft and delicious!  Dinner is off to a great start.

Fresh beans and carrots, they were cooked to perfection

Potatoes for mashed potatoes.  

You will need to use your picture perfect imagination here.  Unfortunately there isn't a picture of  "tom turkey" Jamie did a splendid job of getting it done just right. . .  
tender, juicy and fully cooked! YUMMY

The most important part of any holiday meal, okay, any meal anytime of the year. . . family & friends!
oh, isn't it festive here in our "exclusive" dining room.

Hi guys, I'm so happy you were able to join us for dinner!


I was exhausted and went to bed. . .  does that mean I'm getting old???  
so sad that tonight it didn't matter!  It was lights out for me. . . .

We ate our Nacho's and played games on New Years Day, it was perfectly wonderful.  A great way to begin a new year of adventures. . . .

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