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Monday, February 7, 2011

Celebrating Birthdays!

The genius came home this weekend, to celebrate the fact that his truck is out of the shop, which we are both very excited about!  Secondly, we celebrated birthdays!  The Friend, Myself, and The Genius all had birthdays in January!  That says we have an excuse for getting together, good food, games & of course CAKE and Ice Cream!

First we had breakfast, and not just any breakfast, one of our favorites is Eggs Benedict.  Fresh made biscuits, smoked gouda cheese or muenster cheese, over eggs cooked to perfection, (perfect eggs are a personal thing, we make them how YOU like them!) the genius likes spicey food so he gets the smoked gouda, my taste buds are a little more mild, so I use muenster, all  Smothered in Hollandaise Sauce.   Breakfast isn't complete without the Hash-browns! (these are awesome: red potatoes, lightly tossed in melted butter, sprinkled with a little sea salt, and red-pepper flakes, then baked to magical perfection), while everything else is getting ready.   Oh, we need to remember the fresh strawberries and blueberries, these make breakfast complete. 

I have NEVER spent so much on strawberries in my life!  But decided to take the plunge after I asked the clerk at the store if they were good.  She had purchased some the previous week and the report was that they were delish!  I must agree, these have great flavor, so I now I feel better about my extravagant purchase!

Now that breakfast is over, it's time to make a cake.  This one is all about the friend and the Genius!  A hamburger seemed to fit the ticket.  The daughter and I had a great time dreaming up how to do this one.  fondant bacon, tomatoes, cheese and bun.   The remaining condiments are from a whipped cream that I purchase from a good friend who manages a bakery. 

I'll be sad when he retires and I can't get this anymore.  It's yummy stuff.

these two are best friends
Even though the friend has a fiance now, I think they will be best friends forever.  
They are very different, but yet in a quirky way are very much alike . . .
 I'm not sure just how to explain it. . .

                    Perhaps this will help. . .

The Genius received a bunch of these little rubber cockroaches as a gift from a sister missionary as a result of putting a grasshopper in their car.  Well every once in a while one still randomly shows up at the oddest moments in time.

The friend, not wanting to be out done, moved it to here, and so we had to take another picture. . . 

I almost feel bad for the sad little rubber cockroach! 

But these two sure have fun with it, there have been many wild adventures in this little guys life. . .  

fiance, you have seen, and have now been warned. . .  

Seriously, the friend is a great guy, you are a lucky young lady, 
Congratulations to both of you!                 

The cake part was pretty tasty, The genius has informed me that there is a fondant made with marshmallows that is good to eat, but I haven't been able to find anyone who actually knows how to make it yet.  I'm still working on that minor detail. 

Of Course we can't forget the most important part


Of course we finished the bucket,  It took six of us to accomplish this, but it's all gone.

The kids gave me a new shower head!  What made this so fun is just last week I had pulled out the wrenches looking for the right size to remove the existing head, so I could clean all the hard water deposits off.  it was getting pretty plugged up and wasn't working so swell, but I needed a second wrench but hadn't quite gotten that far yet.  so the timing was perfect, as part of the b-day gift, they put the new one on too!

This is the new Shower Head, and it works great.  I like it a lot! 
Sometimes it's okay to grow up - who else would be excited about getting a shower head for their birthday???

Well,  I have my van back and the genius has headed back up north!
It's been a good week.

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  1. Wow, Nettie! What a cake! When my son saw it, he said, "I want a cake like that!" (It's his birthday in 11 days... help!)
    I would get excited about a shower head too. Does that make me old? Or wise like you? ;)