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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Classic Blonde Moment

 This little unit caused me great distress this week!

 This is a cadence/speed sensor that attaches to your bike.  It tells the “head unit” also known as the computer attached to your bike, how fast you are going and how fast you are pedaling.  Well I purchased a new watch this past January with my award for health and wellness program that I participated in through my employer.

 This sports watch is the “FR 305” and will come in useful when running or doing triathlons. I have been using it for most of January till now. In fact this is the unit that I used to track all my walking when I was without a car last month, and my ice-skating adventures.
 DSC01001My Edge 705, (it's the big black computer) the GPS that I currently have attached to my bike is a little awkward to take running, which is what prompted me to buy the new FR305 watch.  Needless to say having a watch attached to my wrist rather than carrying the 705 is a welcome relief!  (the little computer is the Polar, a great little computer which has served me faithfully for many years, but it's not GPS capable nor does it sing at me when I pedal too slow)

Okay, back to the story:  I have not been able to pair the FR305 with my cadence sensor that I have been using with my Edge 705.    I called tech support and was told that you could only pair one cadence/speed sensor per device.  Frustrated, but having no reason to disbelieve their own tech support peeps, I graciously said thank you and hung up.  But logically it didn't make sense.  I then e-mailed dcrainmaker  this guy writes a blog that I follow who does the most incredible, in depth reviews on this stuff and asked him if there was a different cadence/speed sensor that I should be asking for.  He quickly replied with, “they are either confused, or don’t know what they are talking about, because it can be paired with multiple Garmin units” He then explained what the problem might be along with some simple instructions to get it working.

So I anxiously went about following his directions.  I turned the FR305 on, and was greeted with the message "low battery" and it promptly died.  In my utter frustration, (and obviously not taking the time to think about things logically), I couldn’t figure out what was going on.  So I called Garmin technical support again.  The conversation went something like this:
Tech:  Thank you for calling garmin technical support, how may I help you
Me:     Yah, I have a FR305, purchased less than a month ago from Target, and now it won’t turn on.  It says the battery is dead.
Tech:  So your FR305 is dead.  (this is a statement not a question)
Me:    Yes. (I’m annoyed at this point, I hate it when they repeat the simplest thing just so they can say they listened to me.  Like I'm stupid or something!)
Tech:  so it just won’t hold a charge?
Me:  . . . . . thinking to myself: charge?  Duh, I didn’t charge the dumb thing!  Okay, I’m so glad that you have no clue who I am because I’m feeling pretty stupid right now, no I’m feeling like a pathetic dumb blonde, even though I’m not really blonde at all! well, okay, maybe just for today, right now, at this moment in time.  But thank you for your help, and you have a nice day.  (Now I was simply sounding like a babbling fool and decided I'd better end this quick before it got any worse)
Tech:  Is there anything else that I can help you with today?
Me:    No, I think I will just go and charge my watch now, but thank you anyway.  Click.  I quickly hung up at that point.
I knew that the watch needed to be charged and have charged it several times since it arrived in my mailbox in January!  After the watch was charged, and I determined that it still wasn’t pairing with the speed/cadence sensor, I called tech support again. Thank heavens I got a different person!  Again they were most helpful and determined that I must have a defective cadence/speed sensor.  Since I have had it less than a year, they and are sending me a new one, under warranty.

The defective idea makes perfect sense, because two or three weeks before LOTOJA it started acting funny, I replaced the battery and it appeared to solve the problem, but then the night before the race, (Friday) it went caputs again,  It didn’t work for the entire LOTOJA ride which was kind of sad.  I had my polar unit still attached, but the polar doesn’t sing at me when I pedal too slow.  I missed my 705 that day.

So now, I am anxiously awaiting for the postmaster to deliver my new sensor.  and, Yes, I will make sure the watch is charged first!  This happened a few days ago, and I'm still feeling stupid. . .

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