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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

sushi, yum yum!

Sushi is one of my favorite things to eat for dinner, and the Genius makes the most amazing Sushi, and that's what we had for dinner this past Sunday.  If you have never had sushi, you are missing out, especially if the Genius makes it for you.  I honestly don't know where you would find as much flavor and goodness like this, there just isn't anything to compare it to.

First, you start with "sticky rice" and when I say sticky, I mean STICKY, it sticks to everything.  At this moment I'm trying to think of a comparison, but nothing is coming to mind, so just imagine rice sticking to your fingers, the bowl, the counter, and the only method for removing such stickiness, is water, you will need a lot of it, or if you prefer oil works, but it takes the sticky purpose of "sticky rice" away, and it is messy in its own right.

 The first step is to decide whether you want rice on the outside of your sushi, or not.  Then you take your seaweed sheet, place it on the bamboo rolling mat, and cover it with sticky rice 
(like these pictures).

 Then you decide what you would like in the center of your sushi.
This sushi will have avocado and crab.

 Then you roll.  roll and pull/tuck, roll, pull/tuck - - - the objective is to have a tight roll,  now, dip your fingers into water and seal the edges of the seaweed sheet.
The next step is to cut your sushi into approx 1 1/2 inch thick slices.

 To cut sushi, you need a thin blade with a SHARP edge

 These have been deep fried, they are the least healthy, but they are also my personal favorite.  They are first dipped in a Tempura batter, then into the hot oil.  The orange colored sauce that is drizzled on top is also made by the Genius.  You need to ask him what's in it, but it's pretty tasty stuff.

 This plate is all the different sushi we made for dinner.  At our house we each take a turn and make our own sushi.  Custom Sushi that we share with each other.

Condiments include the jar of pink stuff, which is ginger, The Genius and the Friend use it to "compliment" their sushi, I'm not quite converted yet, because it's kind of spicy.   The green stuff, better called Wasabi (way too hot for me), Wasabi is even too hot for the friend, but the Genius talks him into trying it every time, I'm not sure what makes the orange colored sauce, but it's kind of spicy, but not too much, then the black stuff is called "eel sauce" and is my favorite.  I'm not sure why they call it "eel Sauce" because it doesn't actually have anything "fishy or eely" in it. It might sound kind of gross, but it's really good.


The table is set and everything is ready.  The Genius always sets everything with chopsticks, but I feel as uncoordinated at a two year old with those things, so I use a fork or my fingers.

It may not look like much, but sushi is VERY filling.  This sushi completely filled five adults, including the Genius and the Friend!  Life is pretty tasty with the Genius around!   
. . . .It's okay if you're envious, I would be too.

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  1. I came here to read your review of the Garlic Zoom and lingered because of the arresting photos and elegant layout - this is one of the most attractive blogs I've seen.

    God Speed...