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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Digging Out After A Snowstorm!

Life here has been pretty boring for Flat Stanley.  First off, the entire month of January we didn't have a car, then the weather warmed and melted everything, so we couldn't even go ice-skating, but just made it cold and grey, then it was just cold.  But on this morning we woke up to a little over 12" of new, fresh, soft fluffy snow.  I didn't have anyone to go into the mountains for a real adventure, but the backyard worked just fine, and Oscar Dog was able to join us.  At first it was kind of sad, because we were going to go to St. George for a bike ride, but it was rainy and cold there too, so we decided to stay home.  I mean honestly, I can stay here and be cold for free, why pay money to freeze to death????  But Flat Stanley is still hoping to go on a bike ride before he goes home in a couple of weeks.

So back to the adventure of the day:

But before we could “play” in the snow, we had to shovel out first.  Last time there was a huge storm we left town, and missed out on the digging out process.

We have some super nice neighbors that helped a ton!  They have a Snow Blower.

A snow blower works sort of like  a lawnmower, except it blows the snow from where you don’t want it.  It’s important that you steer clear though, or you will get plastered in snow.
the place it came in the most handy was at the mailbox.  We have to clear a path for the mailman to drive his mail truck. 
This picture is from the internet, but this is what a Snowplow truck looks like
They typically don’t plow our street with the big plow trucks, but today they did, and when they do that they leave a big pile of snow all along the side of the street, and when there is a ton of snow like we had, it is impossible to drive through those mountains of snow, and it’s also a lot of work to move all of that snow out of the way.

Our driveway is basically done, now for the mailbox.

just a little bit more digging, we had to get more gas for the snow blower.

DSC01898 DSC01901
That’s a TON of snow!

DSC01906 DSC01905
But the shoveling is all done now, so we get to play!

Oscar Dog is pretty excited!

One thing that is pretty nice to have when you play in the snow, is snow pants.  Snow is wet and very cold, snow pants are big poofy pants that keep you warm and dry.  You will also need some good boots.

To go Snowshoeing, you must have Snowshoes!

Without them, you just sort of sink in the snow.

DSC01918 DSC01917
Snowshoes just attach to your feet over your boots:

With snowshoes on, you just sort of float on the surface of the snow.

this is a foot print made with a snowshoe

DSC01925 DSC01924
we had a lot of fun blazing trails for Oscar Dog around the yard

But he got cold and wouldn’t come out after a little while.  
Oscar Dog is getting old and is becoming a wimp!

The snow sure is beautiful, and if you like hiking, Snowshoeing is a whole new world of white, peaceful beauty.  It’s too amazing to try and describe, you have to experience it.

Hope you enjoyed our adventure, even if was only the back yard, we still had fun.  It’s hard to believe Flat Stanley will be going home soon.

Anyone up for a snowshoeing expedition?

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  1. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun (and a lot of work) in the snow. Janet. P.S. Mary is engaged to be married. He asked her on Valentine's Day.