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Monday, March 14, 2011

A flat tire, Fresh Bread, & a Whirley Pop

I can't believe it's been a full week since I've been here to visit!  How time flies.  This week has been busy but fairly uneventful to say the least.  I think I am still adjusting to a ramping up training schedule.  On Tuesday I had visiting appointments, which took up much of the evening, not leaving much time for anything else.  Wednesday, we had a theater meeting that went kind of long.  Thursday, I got off early and the weather was so nice that I determined to take the bike outside for a ride.  However, I had a flat and had to change it first.  By the time I got it fixed it was too late to go outside, so back on the trainer the bike went, with the forecast of rain and possibly snow for the next few days, it seemed the logical choice.

So as it was I didn't actually get to ride at all Friday night, sort of discouraging.  The only reasonable explanation I can think of is that my tubes were old.  I found a hole in one and repaired it, but then as I was putting the wheel back on the bike, it went flat again, turns out the valve stem was bad also.  Tube and tire change #2, exact same thing, bad valve stem, by this point I had changed the same tire 3 times.  I pulled out a brand new tube, as I was pumping it up, it blew up too!   It appears that I got it caught in the tire, I found the proof in the huge gaping hole in the side of the tube, of course that didn't work at all, and I discarded it. into the growing pile of bad tubes!  My grandmother used to always tell me that “Haste Makes Waste”, thanks for the words of wisdom, I’ll try to remember that little statement next time.
Second brand new tube. . .  went on without a hitch but by the time I was done I had changed that same stupid tire five, yes that's 5 times, but finally have a tire I can ride on and a TON of practice changing flat tires.  Hopefully it's not an omen for the season.

1st brick 3-11-11

Friday I worked late, but had a great brick training session that morning. 
As you can see there is some work left to do, I still have a tendency to pause too much in my routine, I am working on leveling it all out.  What you can’t see is the improvement from where I began on the bike, huge gaps in pedaling and much more frequent than even this.

for this session I rode 12 miles, and transitioned into a 3 mile run. Just like a sprint tri.  The transition actually went very well, 1:43 minutes, which I was pretty happy about, it can only get better from here. I am hoping to trim it down to 1:15 for the sprint.  The tough part of transitioning from bike to run is that your legs literally feel like cold tar.  They move, but only sort of. . . they just feel heavy and sluggish.  It quickly became very obvious why it's important to practice the transitions for a triathlon.  I need to work on the swim to bike, but will wait until the outdoor pool opens, to make it a little more authentic.  That maneuver is a little challenging at the pool I'm currently using.  Saturday I worked all day and then needed to prepare a lesson for Sunday.   It was a busy week.

The UPS man brought me a new watch that will go swimming with me.  I was pretty jazzed when it arrived on my doorstep!  My old one, the first HR monitor I purchased almost 7 years ago finally and officially died.  the band broke and the battery died all in one week.

I love that it's pink!  my other choices were blue or black, so pink was the color of choice.  This is nothing super fancy, but it will allow me to count laps at the pool. This means I no longer have to remember exactly what I swam while I was there, which for me is a huge challenge, so I typically "guess" at how far I went on a given day.  The little black thing is a foot pod, so I can track how far I run on a treadmill.  It works with my “FR305” too.  Now every training session will be recorded, no making stuff up, the data will be there or it won’t.

On Monday my new Cadence sensor arrived, I think UPS is learning where I live after this week, but I don't mind so much, he always brings me packages, and who doesn't like packages?  But with this little treasure, I am back in business with the GPS devices and even more exciting, it works with both my FR305 and the Edge 705!  That made for a good week!  Yes, dear brother, I kept the Polar on too, just for you.  The orange tire is my “trainer tire” and is only used in the house.  Besides, it adds color to the room.


DSC02023 DSC02027
The daughter came home for a visit without the hubby today, and we had a great time!  She picked herself up a Bosch mixer.

and made her first loaf of bread, she did a great job! 
Of course she had a super tutor :-)  That would be ME

The process is identical to Cinnamon Rolls,
only the ingredients and how you shape the bread is different.

it was fun, and delicious!  We were very impatient and  cut it while it was still piping hot, which always smooshes it a bit out of shape. 
I had to run an errand after she left, and the house was still filled with that fresh baked bread aroma when I got back. . . .  mmmmmm!  It’s fairly obvious we ate way too much fresh baked bread.  No dinner for me tonight!

then for fun we pulled out the popcorn popper and made some popcorn!  We haven't actually used this popcorn popper before, so decided to see how it worked.  It’s called a “Whirley Pop” When I picked it out, of course at Kitchen Kneads, my favorite kitchen gadget store, at one of their store meeting they pulled out every style of popcorn popper they carried and made popcorn. . .  now that sounds like a fun meeting!

The "Whirley Pop"  won hands down, what's even better, it is one of the least expensive pop-corn poppers one can purchase, and it's dishwasher safe, so that’s the one I decided to get.  I've actually had this in the basement for quite a while, I just haven't been brave enough to test it out until today.  I guess I needed moral support for my motivation.  We have given these for wedding gifts for the past three weddings, and as a Christmas gift this past year. I figured it was time for me to see exactly what I was giving away.  It turned out to be a good thing!

DSC02045 DSC02046
The lid has a stem that goes down into the pan to stir the popcorn while it pops 

Pour the popcorn in with a little cooking oil, we started with a just little bit of popcorn then did more after realizing how much fun it was!

Make sure the “clip” is firmly pushed down or the stirring thing-a-ma-jig won't stir the popcorn as well, and both sides of the lid will open, which might not be such a good thing.

turn the crank, while the popcorn pops.  
WARNING:  if you open the lid to see what is going to happen, watch out. . .  
The popcorn will pop right out of the pan!  
Trust me on this, we tried it and it popped right out on our nose.

When the pan gets full, empty it into your popcorn bowl, if it is still popping, then return the pan to the stove and keep stirring.  It only takes about 4 minutes to have a big tub of popcorn.  We decided that you could probably add your butter and salt part way through the popping part and it will get all stirred in while it’s popping.  pretty cool gadget!

DSC02060 DSC02065
The awesome thing about this popcorn bowl is the nifty little plate in the bottom:

DSC02056 DSC02057
It fits in the bottom, so all those obnoxious un-popped kernels go to the bottom and away from your fingers into your mouth.  Helps prevent broken teeth!  Now that’s what I call a great invention

So while it was a fun day, I'm tired  The time change is always exhausting for the first couple of days.

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