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Monday, March 28, 2011

Silicone Hot Pads

Wow, this past week has gone toooooo FAST!  My training schedule is ramping up and is naturally taking up lots of time, it is obvious that I need to find balance to keep up on da blog and laundry, and dishes, and . . .  and. . .  and. . . spring is coming too, which means more time outside, longer bike rides, events, and I want to attempt growing zucchini again this year.  Honestly if anyone would like to offer "free" tutoring in this department, I'm interested!  Oh, I'm excited just thinking about it all,  it's going to be a busy fun summer! Plus, I can't forget about my class that I am teaching at Kitchen Kneads this week!  Preparing for these classes is always stress laden, but for today, lets talk about 

Hot Pad Holders. . . 

I love these little guys.  They come in lots of fun colors
These are silicone hot pad holders, but they are more useful than just getting cookies out of the oven

DSC01887 DSC01888
These little guys can get really HOT or so the instructions say, but what about really?

I decided to cook one in the oven and let it “pre-heat” to 450°,  The thermometer says 402°f.  
I think the smoke got me a little nervous.

inside it’s a little smokey, and it cooled down fairly rapidly, but the hot pad?

. . . perfectly fine! It came out of the oven unscathed. 
The food particles left behind are well done though

I’ll admit it was pretty warm, well lets not exaggerate, it was actually pretty hot, and I had to use tongs to get it out, but the point is, these guys can get PIPING HOT before they self destruct. 

The older variety just came in basic boring squares and were thinner, and a little more flexible, than the new variety.  This red one is the “new and improved” version.  It has a cool pattern in it and they have put a fabric layer inside so it’s even better!  The old ones would sometimes burn the fingertips if they landed in just the wrong place.  The new one, no way.  It’s stiffer and not quite as flexible, but still flexible enough.

At our house Ice-cream is a staple, and with that comes topping, which gets kind of sticky and stuck sometimes, you know the kind of stuck that makes you think wood glue.  These cute colorful hot pad holders work perfectly as a “gripper” to get those stubborn lids to come off.


As you can see, both old and new grip just fine,
. . . works like a charm

Look at this cool trick!  How many times have I taken a pie, casserole, or cake somewhere else other than my house, and it wants to slide all over the floor of the car, making me drive like grandpa with handicap privileges?  Not anymore, with these little guys my pan stays put!  Well, okay, I’m not sure about 4-wheeling, but let me know if you try it some day.

They are an easy grab for that hot pan you need to get off the stove.
Or as a trivet to set that hot pan on.

So What do I really think?
These are awesome, no more stained hot pad holders waiting for laundry, these go right in the dishwasher and come out perfectly clean. 

just make sure you lift carefully and shake the water out of the little waffle squares first.
They hold a ton of water.

There you have it, a worthwhile investment for any kitchen

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