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Sunday, April 3, 2011

What did I do this week?

 It’s been a busy week, filled with many different and unrelated activities.

To start the week off with a running start, I mailed a box to our missionary and seems how it’s girl scout cookie season the daughter and I decided to add in a variety of girl scout cookies, one of which were these Peanut Butter (PB) variety.  They offered two different PB styles and true to my nature couldn’t decide which ones would be better, the “Nutter-Butter” kind or the PB dipped in chocolate kind.  To help the decision process I purchased one of each.

 the intent was to taste one of each and be done.  however, on my way to work I consumed about 3 of each flavor, by the time I got home for lunch, boxed up the final additions to the care package (forgot the camera, so no more pics, sorry) , but there were all kinds of great stuff in the box in addition to the PB cookies, including a box of Samoas, and a box of thin mints.  well It would look kind of bad if I sent a box with three missing cookies, so I split the difference and added half of the chocolate covered ones and one full sleeve of the Nutter-Butter cookies, sealed it up and off I went in a rush to drop it off on my way back to work.  by the time I got back to work I had eaten an entire package of Girl Scout PB cookies IN ADDITION to the 4 chocolate covered cookies from the other box.  I thought I was going to be ill! . . . actually I was kind of ill. . .

I have, however, determined that I like the "Nutter-Butter" cookies best- - -
Whew, I'm glad I finally got that one figured out!


Then the daughter came up on Thursday for her 3rd knee surgery, yes, all of them have been the left knee.  We are now on the “Friends & Family discount list”, (or at least we think it ought to be that way), our Orthopedic Surgeon has performed a total of 8 surgeries all on the left knee for our family. . .  thanks to my dad for great left knees!  I mean seriously, I need to blame it on someone don’t I?  Most people have a Primary care physician, not good enough for us, we have our personal Orthopedic Physician!  

We transform the livingroom couch into recovery bed.  This is simply normal procedure for us 
then we stock the freezer full of ice.


This is the “Ice-Man”  after surgery the ice-man is one of your best friends!  It runs continuously for hours, days, weeks while your knee slowly heals.


This little gizmo is new to the surgery scene.  The little ball is filled with drugs to keep things numb for a couple of days.  The daughter said it was like going to the dentist except it was the top half of her leg that was numb not her cheek.  it was actually threaded into her leg and emptied itself automatically.


the leg is all bandaged up which makes it 3X bigger than normal, the white/blue thing sticking out of the bottom is the hose to mr. ice-man, her new best friend for a while.


One of the worst parts about recovering from knee surgery is getting up off the bed, or in our case the couch!  It’s not too bad until the afflicted leg is pointed down.  Then showering is another story. . . . you get to wrap your entire leg in a garbage bag and seal it with packing tape so the stitches don’t get wet. . . . a major pain!


On Thursday, I taught a class at Kitchen Kneads.  I’m always relieved when they are over!


Setting up 
For me, preparations are essential to success, and it helps the class move along much smoother and faster.  Most people get bored watching you measure out a cup of this and a half teaspoon of salt, they already know how to do that stuff, so I get all that measuring done before class begins.  Besides then I don’t have to remember as much stuff all at once!


Everything is ready to go, just like on TV

Strawberry Freezer Jam:  Using fresh strawberries!
The process of preparing for this topic of class, was by far was the most stressful for me
I don't want to even guess how many strawberries I used, testing and experimenting with recipes and thickeners. Figuring out the jam, using LOW volumes of sugar was in the end a great adventure, fortunately for me, I like Strawberries AND they have been on sale.


Fruit syrups: Raspberry and Apricot, maple syrup, and buttermilk syrup

These are the tender, fluffy, magnificent "Cloud Nine Biscuits"


On Friday the sun came out and was absolutely beautiful!  Oscar dog loved it.   The daughter had the door open and the hubby put the dog on a leash so he wouldn’t chase anything he wasn’t supposed to, getting himself into trouble, or disappearing altogether, and Oscar, he just laid in the doorway happily and contentedly basking in the warmth of the sun. . . .

I’m jealous, I had to work :-{
It would have been a perfect day for a ride. . . OUTSIDE!

That was the happenings of the week, I’ll post the weekend events tomorrow!

Have a great week!


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