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Thursday, May 5, 2011

LOTOJA 2011 Lottery Results. . . . .

 Mixed in with a couple of glitches the past couple of days:

Sorry: no pictures for this post. . .  it's not very picturesque I guess 

Tuesday, May 3, 2011:

      Today is the day I find out if I was given a spot for LOTOJA 2011. . . .
  • woke up with a knot in my right shoulder, no fun. . . hey it HURT
  • glasses broke
  • lost contact lens after swimming
  • no e-mail about my status for LOTOJA, disappointing, but somewhat expected from last years experience.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011:
  • woke up at 3:00 AM in a panic checked e-mail for LOTOJA status, it wasn’t there, up for hours stressing - The genius actually went to bed early this night so he was no help in the consoling department :-(
  • discovered that my flight to Denver dropped $50.00 - ouch - - - I should have held out,  too late to fix that though
  • received a call from the mission office. . . . everything is okay, they just needed to know where to ship the missionary. Amazing he's that close to coming home.
  • messed up wasatch back support/volunteer assignments for the daughter and the hubby - - - but got it fixed through our team captain (thanx Erin)
  • because of my distress, missed swim and bike this morning, but I can delay everything for a day and be fine, I have Saturday scheduled off of training anyway to celebrate the daughters graduation from college – now that’s a cool thing!
  • e-mailed LOTOJA officials – received no response
  • called LOTOJA officials – No Answer

It’s not even noon yet!

  • still no e-mail from LOTOJA
  • Facebook - Saved my sanity (a bajillion thanx to Darcy).  Still anxious and antsy, but much calmer, I tried to be patient throughout the day, checking my e-mail and facebook at least once an hour for any news of any kind!
  • the LOTOJA website say’s their web-site has been down for SIX days. . . No wonder, but still antsy and impatient.
    2:45 PM:  word on the street is that notifications were going out. . . still nothing for my empty little "in box"
    Thursday, May 5, 2011:
    • still no e-mail
    • had a much better night, in fact slept like a petrified log. . .
    • e-mailed LOTOJA officials again today
    this morning, no e-mail

              later this morning, no e-mail

                        later again this morning, no e-mail

                                                                 . . . . . . waiting, checking, anxious with anticipation
    Then at 11:32 am this morning I finally received my e-mail from the LOTOJA peeps - with the news I've been waiting for for three days. . . .


     LOTOJA status notification

     Brent Chambers <brent@lotojaclassic.com>
      Thu, May 5, 2011 at 11:32 AM 


    It seems there may have been a couple of yesterday's email batches    that were blocked from going out due to our new email service provider having a sending limit of 1,000 e-mails per hour - a limitation previously unknown to us.  This morning we are resending those two batches to be sure everyone is successfully notified.  Thank you for your e-mail and patience.


    FYI - your application was successfully selected. 

    Brent Chambers
    epic events inc.   |   LOTOJA CLASSIC

                 Did you read that????

    A response directly from the director:  
    "FYI - your application was successfully selected"

    I'm in. . . .

    . . . .Whew, that was intense waiting for that to come!

    With that over with, now I can officially post my summer event itinerary, I know you have all been dying to see it, okay even if you haven't I can think that you have been . . . or at least pretend. . .

    Until this week, my training has been going remarkably well, and I have my season schedule pretty much in place.  (I always question whether I'm doing enough, but I hear that is normal) I read somewhere that if you were going to do something amazing, sign up, and then tell the world about it.  Well since through this blog, you are part of my world I am going to tell you about it.  Some of the goals I have set for myself this year are:
    FIRST:  Run the entire run of the Spudman Oly Triathlon (that's 6.2 miles) even if I'm slow. . .(I begin with the idea of a 9:00-9:15 min/mile, but it is more realistically going to be closer to 10 min/mile)
    SECOND: Shave another hour off of my LOTOJA time (Goal:  11:39 or less)
    THIRD: Participate in a Half-Marathon
    As you can see I have some work to do.  One of the ways that I am going to keep on track of my progress, is via da blog.

    As workouts and training go, Last week was great, this week has been a little rough and the daughter graduates from the University this week!  Even though it’s not doing much for training,  It’s incredibly exciting!
    For those of you who are still reading, here is what I have in store for myself this summer:

    Events for April/May:
         - Run against Child Abuse 10K Completed!
         - Health Days - 10K
         - Gift of Life & Breath - 5K

    Events for June:
         - Little Red Riding Hood - Century Ride
         - Hyrum Olympic Triathlon
         - Wasatch Back Relay Run from Logan to Park City
         - MS 150 Bike ride - two day event of 75 miles and 100 miles

    Events for July:
         - Cache Valley Super Sprint Triathlon
         - Spudman Olympic Triathlon

    Events for August:
         - ULCER - Ride around Utah Lake - Century
         - 7000 ft Century (this is my personal quest, and not an organized ride)
         - Strawberry/Bear Lake Loop - this is the last big preparation ride in preparation for LOTOJA
         - Find the missionary at the airport

    Events for September:
         - LOTOJA
         - Heber Valley Classic Century Ride

    Events for October:
         - Layton Half Marathon

    Events for November:
         - Rest for a minute

    Now I have told the world!  well at least you, who are part of my world. . . Thanks for stopping by and sharing my journey.  If you happen to see me around please say hello!

    What a great summer it's going to be. . . here we go, anyone that want's to go for a run (remember I'm slow) or ride give me a call and let's go!


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