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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pink Flamingos and a10K

My first 10K- - - (6.2 miles) was unique in the fact that well. . . it was my first 10K and . . .

. . . while most routes are simply marked by painted arrows on the road, signs with arrows, or volunteer peeps holding arrows showing you where to turn and such, this one was marked by Pink Flamingos!  they made for an interesting and fun way to mark the route.  They had peeps with signs at the corners too, cheering and encouraging runners onward and such, but I liked the unique twist of the funny little pink birds.  Somehow they were a little out of place with cold weather mingled with snow flurries, not the typical tropical environment you would picture a pink flamingo in. . . sort of like me in running shoes, just slightly out of place but still there nonetheless.

 This morning was a blustery day, and as I left the house it was actually snowing even though it was May!  I toyed with the idea of not going, but I did pay the registration fee AND I wanted to know how it would feel to run 6.2 miles, and I did tell you, my faithful readers I was doing this event. . .  AND I didn’t want to be a wuss!  So off to pick up my race number, and here we are upside down and all.

I also managed to step in a huge mud bog and not only did it get my sock all wet, but now my shoe is dirty too!  Nothing like a first race to FULLY break in the running shoes.

I actually quite enjoyed the run, it was a local community effort and thus very low key.  One of the volunteers is setting up cones guiding the way to the finish line, I guess the little flamingos wouldn't stick into the asphalt very well.  There were no timing chips, or race officials other than volunteers and the organization staff.

The race was in the country with beautiful scenery and more than just local citizens to be amused by everyone running by.   This horse was highly interested in us as we ran past

I actually very much enjoyed running down the quiet country streets. 
I was only slightly envious of this dude on his bicycle

One thing I learned is to take your own water supply with you!  at least I’ve decided that I need to do this.  I need to drink, well rather sip regularly just to keep my whistle wet and without that all I think about is water.  It may be nothing more than a mental/psychological thing, but regardless of what it is, I need water!  They had this one lone water station with all these little bottles of precious H20, but that was it and I didn’t run across this little oasis until almost mile 4, then I had to carry my little bottle of water which was highly annoying as it kept sloshing and I couldn’t do anything else with my hands, because I had to hold the precious commodity.  I’ll try not to complain too loudly, for at that moment, I was grateful just to have water.

On my training runs I ALWAYS take my "fuel belt" with me, I just assumed that they would have water stations more regularly than they did.  So from now on, I will take my own, just in case.

This little guy looks how I felt at one point!  I've determined that while running is okay, I much prefer being on my bike.  However, Triathlons require running, so I will simply have to keep after it.  I've been told that I will enjoy it more with time.

 This is a little hard to make out entirely, but my official time was 1:06.89
not as good as I would have liked, but it's a start.

My first 10K with the Pink Flamingos was a great experience, and I'll look forward to doing it again next spring.  overall the route was beautiful and enjoyable, even if I was running. . . the good news, I wasn't last. . .  close but not quite!

It turned out to be a valuable lesson in my portfolio of running as I learned a few things:

even though it may seem a little nippy to begin with if you over-dress you will need to eventually, and soon after beginning the run, need to undress. As a person running warms up pretty quick!  After shedding all those unwanted layers, it  is then necessary to somehow pack the now, unwanted gear with you while you run.  that turned out to be an interesting feat.
albeit disappointing, the fact is I’m slow, and realize I have some work to do.
although slightly counter productive, taking pictures along the way was fun.
ALWAYS take your own water supply if you are like me

This race was the beginning of May, I did another 10K this past Saturday, but it will be part of the Wasatch Back blog post after the Wasatch Back in June, as there were several of us there.  Not to worry though, my time was 3 minutes faster, and pictures were still fun, and it was more up-hill than my first 10K, so I think it's safe to say, I definitely had a bit quicker step this time around!

Here is a sneak preview of Saturday's run, "Conquer the Canyon"  I'm the one behind the first runner,  take note that even though I'm slow, BOTH feet appear to be mid-air. . .

last time I checked. . .

I think they call that running. . .

Last week I logged a total of 7 hours 51 minutes training time.  It wasn't my best week, due to some intestinal challenges on Wednesday, and the fact that I missed a bike ride due to the "Conquer the Canyon" starting later than I thought it would, causing me to work later than initially expected, with a evening thunderstorm accompanied by BIG WIND,
yup I was a wuss. . . 

I dislike riding in BIG WIND, and I HATE riding my bike in the rain! Double whammy; for the justification:  It was after 7:30 pm when I got home anyway, so there wasn't much daylight time left for riding.  I'll be content with almost 8 hours of training for the week, I don't have much of a choice, the week is over and we are moving onto a new one.


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