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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunshine, A Box, and a Phone Call. . .

First things first:

Training is going well, I finally got the bike off the trainer and went for a  ride outside.  I don't know how describe how wonderful and refreshing it is to finally be outside on my bike. It's like going to that comfortable happy place that one looks forward to going, almost like vacation.   

 It did mean rearranging the living room a tiny bit

Now that looks better! . . .  The perfect parking spot for the bike

The next bit of exciting news came in the form of a box!  When you open your mailbox and see this, it's always exciting, especially when it is completely unexpected.

Upon reading the label and determining that is was definitely addressed to me
I still wasn't sure who it was from, so I had to find out. 

inside I found pretty pink bubble wrap and a letter

 Turns out one of the members that is in the area of the missionary
sent me a Mother's day box full of these amazing cookies and mini brownie cupcakes for him!

I'm pretty sure this is not the missionary's art work, 
I don't remember his penmanship being that perfect either

 They were almost too amazingly beautiful to eat!  the brownie cupcakes were the first to go, The cookies went one at a time, but I ate one everyday until they were gone, and enjoyed the fact that I had them to enjoy.  We had made some lemon curd for the Daughters graduation and I used the leftovers to dunk/dip the cookies in. . . yum

Then on Sunday (last Sunday) the missionary got to call home! 
Words cannot explain how wonderful it is to talk to your missionary.
This is the genius on the phone with his brother, he looks a little odd, as he is trying to see how long his hair can grow before it falls over.

While on the phone with the missionary it was determined that in fact the daughter did straighten the missionaries hair at one point so they decided to straighten the genius's hair.  he went from odd to. . . what word is there to describe this. . . I'm at a loss right now.

The genius ready to leave for school again.  straight from a 70's cowboy flick. . . not much else to say here either, pictures say it all.  but he looks happy about the look. . .

I was happy that he didn't get pulled over, I didn't particularly want to bail him out of an arrest  for suspicious behavior.

The genius left pretty late which explains why I didn't post this last week, I went to bed. . . 

I love my sleep!


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