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Thursday, June 23, 2011

facinated by the water today. . .

I know you all are waiting with eager anticipation for the Wasatch Back (RAGNAR) Relay report, but you will have to continue being paitent! We are compiling pictures from all cameras onto a single disk and I don't have them yet.

 Now it's time to kick the bike training into high gear.  
I went on a beautiful  40 mile ride up the canyon on Wednesday morning. . . .

 . . . and became fascinated with the amounts of raging water coming down the river.

All that snow in the mountain tops has to go somewhere

It begins simple enough, nice refreshing streams, turn into small rivers

Beautiful. . . .

as you continue down the mountain,
those babbling little streams gain momentum and volume

eventually reaching this point, a beautiful lake, third dam is the name of this place, here we enjoy  fishing, and hiking, and leisurely walks, hikes or a great running/mountain biking trail

eventually the lake fills up and the extra water has to go somewhere

 so down stream it goes, gaining momentum, volume, and force along the way


This appears to be a water pipe that has sprung a small leak!

The water overflows everywhere into places that there isn't normally water, and then it just sits and grows all sorts of nasty science experiments. . .

. . . . the mosquitoes LOVE this stuff!

I hope no one was planning a fathers day picnic!  
It's not looking promising for the 4th of July either. . . .

swimming anyone?

          what about fishing?

                                                                            or           . . . . perhaps just sight seeing
It simply keeps getting bigger and faster and louder

This is a raging torrent

Beautiful, and commanding. . . . .  down the mountain it goes

 Eventually it ends up here, this is First Dam

Calm, peaceful, a great place to play.

Canoe, fish, volleyball, picnics, a nice stroll in the park. . .



 Who would have imagined it came from this just a 1/2 mile up the road?

another mile down the road, and I bumped into this:

Quite refreshing,  I took a cup of lemonade!

The cookies looked fabulous, but I passed on those.

. . . . What a great day for a ride,  thanks for joining me today.


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