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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood - A ride for Women. . .

it was such a sad beginning, and a tragic ending.

I charged my camera battery the previous night .  As we arrived at the ride, I went to take a picture and tragically discovered I had not remembered the battery!  It was still in the charger!  oops. . .


 This is at the finish line, seems I didn't have my camera at the beginning, I should have left my "wickie" on for the photo. . .  this is what you call a bad hair day!  
Some peeps look amazing when they take off their helmet, even after 100 miles. . .  not me

This is the route

When we got within 1.5 miles of my home on our ride I detoured (see the pink circle - - -that's the detour) to  retrieve the camera battery.  I was happy about the possibility of taking pictures for memories and for da blog.  Pushing hard, I caught up with the sister-in-law in okay time at the rest stop in Mendon.  All was well, all was going well, then the camera began to die. . . after all that effort. . . no more pictures.  The image stabilizer officially went kaputs causing the camera to endlessly shake making picture taking impossible.  there were a couple that didn't even "take".  I was persistent however, and got it to cooperate for just a few more shots. . . like at the finish line.  I knew the sad little camera was limited so when I got it to turn on, and stop vibrating, we snapped a couple of quickies and then it died again.  Now I need to get a new camera, while I'm not thrilled about this, I loved my camera, best point and shoot ever, small and VERY portable, perfect for me!

reality is what it is. . . time for a new camera. . . end of story
no camera, no blog. . .
decision made: new camera coming

Little Red Riding Hood is a fun ride, for women only, and many dress up for the occasion. . .  

 The ride is a fundraiser for women.  It hosts 3000 riders and sold out in less than 24 hours!  I don't have a picture of the "big bad wolf" who represents breast cancer. . . or of all the volunteers comprised mainly of husbands and boyfriends, helping us on our journey. . . 
maybe next year.

 more creative dress for the ride

Tutus and capes, wigs, tiaras. . .

 Someone even brought a passenger along for the ride

not everyone had a great time.  This is a bike wreck.  

What frustrates me here was that emergency personnel kept telling us to ride single file so wrecks don't happen.  However they are horribly mistaken. . .  IT IS SINGLE FILE RIDING THAT CAUSES WRECKS like this.  This is what happens when the person behind touches the wheel of the person in front.  It is great to "draft" (i.e. ride single file) but you have to be exceptionally cautious not to get too close and bump wheels.

Good place to note:  ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET!!!

 You can ask me or the sister-in-law about my wreck, my helmet saved my life!


My favorite riding partner. . . The Sister-In-Law -- she is amazing

This is me. . . 
I AM happy, very happy
it just doesn't appear like that at this moment in time

The potty line, and this is a short one!

standard rest stop

somewhere along the route, Weston Idaho
The Little Red Riding Hood takes place in Cache Valley. . . beautiful country to ride in

Back at the finish line
 We had a great time!  Hands down one of my favorite rides.  
We did pretty good too, after taking out rest/lunch stops we accomplished our 103 mile ride (complete with detour) in just under 6 hours 30 minutes, averaging approx 17 mph.
Made for a great day

Now for my next adventure. . .  
As most of you know I am doing the Hyrum Triathlon this upcoming weekend

I'm a little nervous, at last check on Wednesday the water temp was 58°f ! 
I had to purchase a swim cap and swim socks. . . 

picture with new camera coming soon!

I'll post the results of that race next week!


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  1. Yehaw little red was a lot of fun! I like looking at your blog!