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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Time Warp!

After the ULCER on the following Wednesday, the genius, the daughter, her hubby (the businessman) and I went and found the missionary at the airport!  This is always an amazing moment in time. 

we weren’t the only ones looking for missionaries. . .  there were several families waiting. . .  waiting. . . . waiting. . . . for their own missionaries. . . . it took for what seemed FOREVER for them to appear.

Finally an unknown traveler gave word that they WERE coming,
She knew, because she was on the same flight!

We continued to  impatiently wait. . . . .

Finally, that's them, the missionaries coming home at last
That’s him, the super handsome one at the top of the escalator!

The best illustration of a true time-warp I can think of, two years literally melt away in an instant, we are together again, how refreshing, how exciting. . . .

Let me introduce you to the missionary!  He will get a new identity soon, but for now we will know him as the missionary.

He looks great, we are happy to have him home. . . . but the best part? 


one last picture with former a companion. . . his family was much more festive AND creative than ours. . .  we were just happy to be there. . . . on time I might add, even though I took a wrong street into the airport parking terrace and we had to take a scenic detour through Long-term parking and around the airport again to get where we wanted to be. . .

this was the businessman’s (daughters hubby) fault, he gave mis-leading and faulty directions. . . .  He had my trusty GPS in his possession, but wasn’t quite as efficient as my little GPS man who ordinarily sits in my window.

it takes a lot of luggage to live away from home for two whole years, but the boys all pitched in to get it safely to the van.

once we got all safely loaded we went to lunch, then off to home.

to complicate things: in order for the missionary to move in, the daughter had to finish moving out, the genius needed to move over into the other bedroom, so the missionary could move in.  The daughter didn’t get moved out until Wednesday, and the genius underestimated how long this “moving over” process would take so the house is in complete disarray!  The missionary has been staying in the computer room, in addition to needing to catch up on his social life, translates into  limited computer time for blogging and keeping in touch and stuff like that

On Sunday the missionary spoke at church and we had an “after party”  All good times!  unfortunately I was so wrapped up in details and preparations for the “after party” that I didn’t get ANY pics for da blog. . . the others just haven’t caught on to the concept of pics of everything, even if we don’t use them.  We’ll  keep working on that part.  But to be fair and completely honest, they were pretty busy with preparations and set up too.



  1. Its fun to see pictures of the missionary's arrival at the airport. The after dinner was great. Thanks for all your hard work. It was a wonderful day with you guys. Janet.

  2. Congratulations on finding your missionary!!! I'm so glad they didn't lose him while he was away! How nice to have him back again.
    Cool time warp! :)

  3. I can't believe Craig is home already!! Congrats on having all your kids home!!!