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Monday, August 1, 2011

TONS of climbing . . .

and my legs are toast!

This past week I logged 206 miles with 10,500 feet of climbing on my bike, 13 miles of running and .75 miles swimming.  a pretty tough week by normal people standards.

my big ride includes a jaunt up to Tony Grove,
a beautiful little lake in the tipsy-top of Logan Canyon.

A beautiful ride up the mountain

it may be only 7 miles, but trust me, if you haven’t been there, it’s ALL UP HILL!  Hosting grades up to 12%, I think the average is about 10-11% with one tiny section registering 14%.   I accomplished this little section of 7 mile road 12 minutes faster than last year. . . 
that is encouraging.

Tony Grove is a beautiful recreational place and marks the trail head for many different hikes.  This is the end of July and there is still snow-pack in spots.

Then up over to Bear Lake I went, a beautiful blue lake that is a big draw for tourists and recreationalists.  Going down into Bear Lake is a pure delight, down hill and coasting at 43+ mph.  Coming up the other direction is a completely different story.  But the observation is if you can make it back up without needing to stop for air, you will be able to finish LOTOJA.  The first year, I needed “air” twice, However, both last year and this year I made it all the way up, without needing a break.  With an average 8%-9% grade, over 6 miles, is quite the work out.

On my ride up Logan Canyon, I was feeling good and strong, telling myself that this was great, when this guy came up from behind me on his bike, as he said good morning, he startled me as he proceeded to pass me like I wasn’t moving, it was slightly deflating, but then I reminded myself that this is my ride, he is a guy (i.e. guys are naturally faster and stronger) and he was probably at least 25 years younger which makes a HUGE difference too!

Isn’t it amazing how I can justify almost anything in my favor?

Then the 40 miles back home.

7000 ft map
The route in which I followed for today’s ride, up, up again, over, and then home

7000 ft elevation

This particular ride climbs roughly 8000 ft in one day over a total of 98 miles.  I have to say, my legs are toast! after a good solid run to Trenton/Newton on Friday, I was planning a 60 mile ride up blacksmith fork canyon Saturday, but as I got to Hyrum (only 8 miles down/up the road), the lil ol legs were screaming: “I don’t think so”  deciding not to argue further with the legs, I changed routes, reducing my ride by 20 miles and a much flatter route through Paradise, Wellsville, and Mendon. Fortunately there wasn’t much, if any wind, and Sunday, my legs were quite fatigued. I have a relatively light week planned this week, because of Spudman this upcoming weekend, then the next three weeks are hard, long weeks and then the taper begins.   I cannot believe LOTOJA is only 7 weeks away!
I definitely feel more confident on the bike which I find interesting, what a difference confidence and ability makes. It’s taken me 4 years to get here and it’s kind of a nice place to be. I thought I was confident last year, but this year is very different, I feel even more comfortable in the drops, down descents, in facing the wind, and my avg. cadence is up, just to mention a few.  I will be curious to see if that computes into a faster/stronger ride over the course of 206 miles and ~ ~ ~  it causes me wonder what next year will bring. . . . exciting things and rides ahead, I’m sure!

Anyway, I had a great ride and trimmed 30 minutes from the same ride last year and there is still seven weeks to prepare, that is VERY encouraging!

Watch for my Spudman report later this week, it was amazing!


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  1. Very Impressive Annette. Thanks for sharing all that is happening.