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Thursday, August 18, 2011


wow, time flies!  this past two weeks have been eventful and VERY busy! 
Two weeks ago, my sister-in-law and I participated in the ULCER, no not the kind that causes severe intestinal distress, caused by stress, this is a bike ride. . . 

(ULCER = Utah Lake Century Epic Ride)  

I think it’s easier to just call it the ULCER. . . .

it was a warm, dry, windy day, but we had a great time!

we got a little bit of a late start because upon arrival to the event, I realized I left my shoes in my duffel, which was in the van, which was still at Angela’s!  Bike shoes are part of the bike, if you don't have your shoes, it's like not having your bike. . .


Finally ready to ride with bike numbers and timing chips attached to our bikes
. . . Angela’s bike has the cool new red handlebars!

Angela is trying to sell her bike so she can get a bike that fits her better.  she is 5’2” and her bike is a 48” frame. . . if you, or anyone you know would be interested you can call her

My brother, her Husband, had this fabulous idea of putting the advertisement right on her ~~~ it worked, in the fact that she had a few inquiries. 

She isn’t really for sale. . . just her bike.

We made good time and finished strong.  It was a fun ride, I always enjoy riding with others.  It’s great for motivation, socialization, and moral support.  There was another rider, Freddy, that caught up with us and we made it a threesome as we hammered around the lake.

somewhere on the west side of the lake we stopped for water and treats, I thought some fruit snacks would be the perfect pick-me-up.

This is what happens when you allow fruit snacks to rest in the sun too long. . .
they sort of turn into a liquefied, semi-solid goop
I ended up throwing them it away.


It’s also evident that I should have left my wickie on for this picture. . . 

wearing a helmet and wickie for six-plus hours, will most definitely have adverse effects toward any desired “good hair day” outcome!

Thanks for once again for a great, fun ride. . . . Angela is my favorite person to ride with

This week I logged 275 miles on the bike. . . only 5 weeks to LOTOJA the taper will begin in two weeks, where I will gradually decrease mileage, and focus primarily on intensity.  The run and the swim have taken a definite back seat right now and will stay at low quantities until after September 10.  I must admit I’m getting a little nervous, I always wonder if I will be prepared enough for the journey and adventure to Jackson.  Very similar to a final exam. . .  are you ever prepared enough. . . you don’t know until you get there.


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  1. Hi Annette!!!
    Our family is gathered here in Wisconsin at Jodi's and Jamie showed me your blog. It is terrific!! I am not a blog reader..even with my kids so it was great for Jamie to show me yours. I loved looking at all of your cakes (I even saw the one you made for Jodi's mission!!) and all of your adventures with your biking. I am SO impressed with all of the good you are doing with your life.

    Jamie and Adam really enjoyed going to Craig's homecoming. They said he did such a great job on reporting his mission and that his mission was wonderful. Annette, a million pats on the back to you for the terrific job you have done "mothering" your children. They are a reflection of all the good you have done. Bless you, bless you!!!

    Much love,