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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

3 days out . . .

It’s Wednesday, we are 3 days out from LOTOJA, and I have returned from my last ride for the season in preparation for Saturday!

This is where the excitement and nerves merge together and it’s difficult to say how I feel.  I have been asked multiple times if I am ready. . . .

~ ~ ~ ready? 

. . . ready is such a relative thing, kind of like that final exam, ready or not here it is, how ready are you?   Well, that will only be revealed after the test is over.  So it is for Saturday, how ready I am will only be told at the finish line. 

I’ll be honest the knee has me a little nervous.  While it’s been fine on the bike and I have been faithful in wearing my brace during the day, (in fact I’m wearing it right now as I write this), 206 miles is a long way and I simply don’t know how the fatigue levels will affect the long term outcome. . . . again. . .  only time will tell.

We have been tracking the weather for the past week and all looks good for Saturday:

Weather 3 days logan
Forecast for Logan

weather 3 days mtplr
Forecast for Montpelier

weather 3 days jksn
Forecast for Jackson

As you can see they are predicting rain for Thursday (as in tomorrow) but then it clears up for a potentially perfect day of riding a bicycle!

yabber, yabber, yabber, On with the exciting part of the plan, in my last post I promised you something cool the genius has been working on for you!

lotoja map

This is the LOTOJA map, and throughout the day via da blog with the genius on the techie end of things, as long as the power doesn’t go out, because he has to have access to his server, you can see when I get to each feed zone.  there are five of them:

fz1: Preston

fz3:  Montpelier

Salt River Pass

fz5: Afton

fz6: Alpine

and finally at the finish in Jackson Hole, Teton Village. 

. . . Or if I fail to make it you will know that too, even though that is not in the plan.

Now is that cool or what. . .

. . . we’ll see you on Saturday@ 7:10 AM


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