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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

“that fresh cherry tomato yumminess soup” ~ ~ ~ also called Pappa Pomodoro

Now that LOTOJA has come and gone, training has come to somewhat of a slow down for the season, meaning the intensity has greatly reduced leaving me time to do other things. . .

Like. . . Spend time in the kitchen!

Part of me misses the kitchen through the summer, so it always feels good to be back.
Our meager little garden has been producing, and we have Tomatoes, and zucchini, tons of tomatoes, and zucchini, do you have any idea how many tomatoes or zucchini a single little plant will produce?


Well it’s a lot!

Especially the little cherry tomatoes.  This particular plant is unquestionably out of growing control.  It has grown through the fence into the neighbors yard, onto the lawn and looks very unruly!  When I plant this same plant next year I think I will build some type of terrace for it to grow in and around, but this year I was completely unprepared for so much plant with soooooo many tomatoes.

I hate to see these little yummies go to waste- - - so we made soup, not just boring soup, but

                             “Pappa Pomodoro”
                                       (a classic italian soup)

                                                      more easily pronounced “amazing tomato soup”

Translated as Tomato & Bread Soup

This stuff is so good, we made it twice!

. . . and we will make it again. . . as long as we have tomatoes to use


but the most awesome thing about this soup is that we used fresh herbs

                          . . .also from our little garden









no parsley, which makes me sad, but the genius can’t eat parsley. . . he has an enzyme reaction to this delightful little herb that makes it taste like soap to him. . .  and while it makes me sad he can’t eat parsley of any variety, including, itailan, regular, cilantro. . . I don’t want him to eat soap either. . . so we will just leave it out.

Now here is how we made our soup. . .

we didn’t scientifically measure anything, not really, just toss the basic ingredients in a pot together and you get. . .  well. . . . yumm!

First:  Cut everything up. . .

garlic. . . use as much or as little as you like, but we used three cloves.
The white stuff is from the grocery store, the purple is from the farmers market. 

Is there a difference? 
Yes, YEs, YES

The purple variety is stronger and has much better flavor, so if you have a choice. .
. . .use the purple one

DSC00882 DSC00884

Cut the garlic up very fine.  No, this isn’t quite enough, it’s close, but keep going. . . .

finely chop your herbs all into a little pile. . . we used about 1/2 half of this mixture.
in the end you will want about 2 or 3 tablespoons of chopped up herbs.

but the key is fresh basil,

don’t skimp out on the delectable flavor of fresh basil by using the dehydrated stuff
and use more basil than the other herbs. . . you can use all basil too, it's awesome. . .

we just wanted to use stuff from the garden so we added in the others.

and finally. . . slice these little guys in half, they are the little cherry tomatoes. . .

. . . from your garden

You want about 40 cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes would work too, you want the small flavorful kind of tomatoes, kind of like marshmallows for rice-krispy treats, not the jumbos, or the minis but just the big normal ones, but tomatoes are red and delish, not sweet and s-t-i-c-k-y like fluffy white marshmallows.


now we begin the cooking process! 

Pour a little olive oil (little meaning about 2 Tbsp) into your soup pot or if you prefer, you can call it a pan. . . it doesn’t matter much to me what you call it, you just need a pan that will cook soup.  However, I recommend avoiding aluminum or cast iron, tomato tends to taste metallic if cooked in a “reactive” pan.

over medium heat lightly sauté your garlic. . . don’t burn it or it will go bitter.

now add in the tomatoes and herbs, and cook away until the tomatoes are tender and cooked. . .  they will be hot and wilting, but not quite falling apart.


of course you could. . . and probably should. . . use your own bottled diced tomatoes, but we don’t have any so we let S&W do the hard part for us, and used theirs, directly from our local grocery store.   You need 14 oz. of diced tomatoes, this is a large can, so we only used half of the contents

We saved the remainder for ravioli. . .  but we will talk about that a different day

let this delightful yummy mixture just simmer on medium heat while you get your bread ready

yup, you are going to put bread in here too.

don’t worry about soggy bread in your tomato soup. . . trust me you want it that way

how often have I led you astray?

trust me. . . it’s how it becomes yumminess!

so. . . just be brave and DO IT!

this is about 1/2 loaf of
Ciabatta Bread

                 not chee-baw-ta

                                         but rather ch-bah-ta

I guess you could say chi-bah-ta, but you might be tempted to say something more like

and it’s really best to pronounce it ch-bah-ta

whew, I’m glad we have that covered. . .

Ciabatta bread is an artisan bread, it’s heavy and dense and has a very course texture. . .

perfect for your soup. . .

Please, don’t try to use ordinary bread like the store bought mushy stuff, that you would use for a boring PBJ or a tuna sandwich. . . don't misunderstand, I love PBJ's and tuna, but that kind of bread will only make your soup a soggy mess, and then you will think YUCK!  because you will just have soggy tomato grossness,

and remember we are wanting tomato yumminess. . .

anyway, trim the crust off of your ciabatta bread. 


you can eat the crust later if you want,  I have used it to dip into the soup for a "taste test"  just don't dump it into the soup.


then tear it the middle part into bite size pieces

now add it to your soup. . .

season to your liking with a little sea or kosher salt and pepper

stir and serve. . .





flavorful. . . .

A heavenly little bowl of tomato soup!

if you desire you can top it with parmesan cheese. . .  I beg of you here. . . don’t ruin this amazing bowl of fresh tomato with that stuff in the green can from the grocery store. . . I don’t know what they do to it, or why they think they can call it “parmesan cheese”

I promise, it’s not the same stuff!

get the real stuff and grate it on your own. . .  I love parmesan!



There you have it. . . Pappa Pomodoro

for right now we simply call it “that fresh little tomato yumminess soup”

we garnished ours with freshly grated parmesan and a little sprig of basil. . . the parmesan. . . well it adds to the delish part of the equation and the basil. . .  it makes it pretty


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