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Monday, October 31, 2011

Birthday Cake?

We celebrated two birthdays at once for the daughter and the musician!

It was a great weekend that left me, sort of exhausted.  I even got a head cold from all the excitement that kept with me for most of the following week.


You’ve had a birthday, shout Hooray!  We came to sing to you today
one year older, and wiser too. . . happy birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Guys!

At our house the B-day peep is given the delightful opportunity to pick what we have for dinner, this years pick was. . .

. . . Steak!


Seasoned to perfection


The genius is an excellent cook,
and has turned the science of the whole BBQ thing into to an art and everyone’s steak was cooked to personalized perfection of their expectations. . . even if the genius disagreed! 

He likes his steak so it is still alive on the plate, otherwise classified as rare. 
The rest of us prefer it to at least looked cooked inside and out!

We were so excited to eat that we didn’t get pictures of the final product

but trust me it was . . . well. . . .


Steak accompanied by Gorgonzola Augratin Potatoes and fresh steamed carrots

. . . the perfect b-day meal

The musician wanted Sushi, so the Genius took him out for “real” sushi as his gift

After dinner we went. . . .


. . . and played a round of Haunted Miniature Golf


The daughter hit her ball a little too hard and the gargantuan spider tried to eat it, but with creative use of her putter it was safely retrieved without casualty to either the daughter or most importantly the spider, and the game went forward


I was trying to distract the genius, it seemed to work, because he didn’t do so swell tonight, 

great picture, though. . . . wouldn’t you agree?


I liked the pumpkins!  

The Businessman was the fortunate one to be in the pic too


The musician taking a calculated shot, he ended up being the star of the night and did better than the rest of us, even with my amazing,  

. . .not sure how I accomplished them

two in-a-row hole in one shots!


Trapped in Dracula's yard!

Now for the cake. . . 


The daughter helped out and baked the cake. . . 

I’m not quite sure what happened, but it certainly wasn’t what was planned

rather than get all depressed over DESTROYED birthday cake. .  .

. . .  Moving forward to plan B!


we cut it up into cubes


the destruction of getting it out of the pan didn’t change the yumminess factor. . .

not one little bit. . .


Topped with the amazing Farr’s Vanilla Bean Ice-cream. . .

. . . my personal favorite


and finally topped with caramel-coconut-pecan goodness

the desert that beckons for second helpings, this stuff is

well. . . . 

. . . dangerously delicious!

Who would have guessed we didn’t plan it this way?

When all is said and done we were busy the entire weekend
so busy, that we didn’t have time to carve pumpkins, which is kind of a sad thing, 

. . . we’ll carve pumpkins next year

but we had a great time and would repeat the weekend again!

I hope you have a great week!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Recovering. . .

I can’t believe that it’s been 3 weeks since posting on “da blog”!

The question would be what have I been doing?

. . . . . The answer, not much!

I had the knee repaired shortly after my last post, and while I expected a quick recovery, the recovery process has been even quicker than I had anticipated . . .

with NO crutches required. . .

that’s the best part.  If you have ever had the unfortunate experience of needing crutches for more than a couple of hours while goofing around, you know without question that they, the crutches, are a lot of exhausting work just sitting in the corner.


Not only is the seat on this thing ginormous, it’s also sooooo uncomfortable!  But that is a conversation for a different day, just let it suffice to say I’m glad the seat on my bike IS NOT like this!  Bigger and more padded is not better, just trust me on this one.

My first PT appointment was on Monday, 5 days after surgery, but it wasn’t until my 3rd visit that they put me on the bike after the stitches were removed.  While the knee was stiff and highly uncomfortable, although barely, it did manage to make it around a full rotation.  They then gave me directions, well more like permission to accommodate my pleading request that I could ride my bike!  This came with plenty of restrictions and limitations, but I was able to ride nonetheless,

well sort of . . . 

1st: NOTHING outside, I have to be on a trainer. . .

no problem, I have one of those.

2nd: only 10 minutes once per day. . .

. . . Ugh, that’s a painful, pitiful small amount ! ! !

3rd: easy spinning, none of the work up  a sweat kind of stuff. . .

. . . that’s asking a lot, don’t you agree?

It sounded simple enough and I didn’t complain much, seems how the first week the mere  act of pedaling caused high amounts of discomfort, but there is always a silver lining if you look for it,

today. . .  I was getting back sooner than I had anticipated, I was happy with that. 

Since then I’ve graduated to thirty minutes a day with a small amount of resistance. . . Even Better!

so slowly, I am getting back to the bike.


This is a stool.  Basically it’s nothing more than a little “Dr. Stool” the kind that a doctor uses in a doctors office.

It appears to be pretty harmless. . .

but this little stool causes great amounts of OWWWWWIE!


One of the most dreaded exercises in PT are the “stool strolls” . . .  you sit on this little “dr. stool” and stroll down the runway of sorts.  The PT peeps are nice and on your first couple of visits they only have you do one lap with both legs pulling you along.  While it may not sound like much, it’s a TON of work and makes the legs/knees pretty tired.  I began with one lap and each visit they make it longer, in fact this week I graduated to not only three laps, but I alternated legs too. . .  I honestly don’t like doing these, but they do the trick and the afflicted limb does in fact get stronger as a result.


After the leg lifts, heel slides, 10 min bike warm up, stool strolls, leg presses on the “total gym” and the balancing act on one leg routine, they have me hop on this interesting unit, known as a “Bosu Ball”, basically half a ball mounted to a flat surface. 

How it works is: I stand on the flat side and balance while doing squats.  They aren’t so bad, in fact I think I might try to get one of these guys for myself, they are kind of cool.

Then on to  the treadmill. 

The first time they put me on a treadmill, I wanted to cry.  They told me to quit walking like “Festus” and so I practiced walking like a person would walk. . . . normal style.  While this might not sound like a big deal. . . IT WAS!  I felt like a total nerd.  I had to focus diligently to make sure my leg would bend and step . . . bend and step . . . bend and step. . . all going only 1/2 mph, in other words it was about as slow as the treadmill would allow, all while taking these huge exaggerated “bending steps” to make it happen.  This made my knee very tired, and the more tired it became the more difficult it was to “bend & step”  but it paid off because now. . .  I walk pretty normal. 

In the end . . . pain is a good thing.


then 10 minutes of stair stepping. 

This is pretty tiring, even though I just take little itsy-bitsy steps.

So I felt like I was in pretty good shape, and I am, but between the stepper, the bosu ball, the balancing, and leg squats, my legs were stiff. . .

. . . new revelation . . .

I think I need to incorporate more stretching and strengthening in my fitness routine.


And finally. . . .  ahhhhh!  Ice, cold, wonderful, delightful ice. . . this makes PT worth the effort. 

Then they sent me home . . .  with a little list of exercises to keep working on, at home.

It was at this moment that I had one of those unique realization moments we get to participate in from time to time.  This was my first PT appointment and while the knee was being delightfully cooled down with ice I had just finished texting the daughter when I looked up across the room and literally everyone, (including the lady that didn’t fit into the picture) were playing on their cell phones.  It was one of those amusing sights that made me kind of smile to myself, while realizing what an impact technology has had on our lives for EVERYONE.

Well it’s good to be back,  Thanks for joining me this morning!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

conference & ice-cream

I love Ice-cream!

I typically only need a little bit to satisfy my NEED for ice-cream
as part of my “healthy” nutrition plan

The problem today is that I had several. . .  which equals TOO MANY “little” bowls of this delectable frozen creaminess

Is it possible to have an addiction to . . . something as wonderful as ice-cream?

This past weekend was General Conference, and  I always look forward with great anticipation to hear conference, almost as much as I look forward to a small bowl of ice-cream.

Because we don’t have cable, we don’t get T.V. where I live.   We used to go to the stake center and watch.  We would take lunch and just enjoy the day.  Not many folks came to the stake center, because most have cable and simply stay home to watch conference.  The thing they didn’t realize is that going to the stake center gave a completely different meaning and focus to listening. it became something special and our focus was much more emphasized by not staying home. . . those that never took the opportunity to watch conference at the stake center. . . well, they sort of missed out.  Sadly for us, they no longer open the stake center for us to take opportunity for this event.

With my up-coming surgery this week to repair my meniscus, I took one last opportunity, Saturday morning before work, to go on a final ride with some friends.  It was a beautiful fall morning and I am happy that I went.  The only bad thing was that with work that afternoon, meant that I watched ALL 8 hours of conference on Sunday via the internet at home.  It was wonderful, but I had to work on staying focused all that time and did a very bad thing. . . .


. . . I found a carton of ice-cream in the freezer!

After my breakfast of oatmeal with blueberries, my diet consisted exclusively of Ice-Cream!

This is a new flavor I have never tried before. . .

and before the day was over I had consumed literally ~ ~ ~ 

over 2/3 of the carton!

While the Banana Split was okay. . . 

Farr’s Vanilla Bean is my favorite flavor! 

When conference started this carton was half full. . .

While I will eat most any flavor of ice-cream,

without doubt

Farr’s Vanilla Bean is my first choice every time

Sometimes I drizzle chocolate over it

I’m not necessarily a “chocolate lover” in fact I typically pass on chocolate, but not today. . . for some reason it just, well. . . sounded good.

As conference would break for the congregational hymn
I went and scooped up a little bowl of ice cream.

Sometimes I chop up fresh strawberries for my ice-cream

In-between sessions I would have a little dish of ice-cream.

this is one of my favorite ice-cream dishes - - - the perfect size - - -
a cute little mug made by the daughter in H.S. pottery class

Today I added blueberries too

I add many different fruits to my ice-cream

bananas, peaches, cherries, apples, raspberries, blackberries. . .  

I think you get the picture. . .  just add what makes you smile

. . .  because, well, Ice-cream is a happy thing

. . . today I used 



and a couple tiny drizzles of chocolate

the fruit helps make it, well . . . seem “healthier”

there were a couple of times I would sneak in a trip to the freezer while the choir was singing. . .

All day long I would use my breaks to journey into the kitchen, back to the freezer, for "just a little bowl of ice-cream" then back to conference to listen, it all added up to my consumption of an embarrassing amount of this delectable frozen treat

I rarely put nuts on my ice-cream, as I don’t like the hard crunchy texture in my smooth creamy ice-cream.

Now that conference is over, which is kind of sad thing, I’m also out of ice-cream, which is a very sad thing for a couple of reasons.

first: I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that I did this

second: I think I’m going to be okay, I AM sick, 
and slightly nauseous from eating too much ice-cream in one day

third: well. . . now I’m out of delicious ice-cream

fourth: no more ice-cream for quite a while. . . 

. . . I ate too much on Sunday
now I fear my pants won’t fit by Tuesday!

perhaps I should learn self control during conference when wanting to enjoy a little bowl of ice-cream. . .  

Another good reason to go to the stake center for conference, they don’t have ice-cream so handy to enjoy. . . today, I will take the easy way out and blame it on the fact that the stake center is no longer available for peeps like me to go and watch conference. 

they should buy me new pants until I get back into my original pants

if you ever invite me to your house. . . please, please, please. . .
don’t tell me you have vanilla ice-cream in the freezer!

I try to mind my p’s & q’s, but. . .

I have a true weakness for vanilla ice-cream,

you will be perfectly safe with chocolate, I rarely eat chocolate ice-cream
. . . I just don’t care for chocolate, it’s as simple as that

I think I might be addicted to ice-cream