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Monday, October 31, 2011

Birthday Cake?

We celebrated two birthdays at once for the daughter and the musician!

It was a great weekend that left me, sort of exhausted.  I even got a head cold from all the excitement that kept with me for most of the following week.


You’ve had a birthday, shout Hooray!  We came to sing to you today
one year older, and wiser too. . . happy birthday to you!

Happy Birthday Guys!

At our house the B-day peep is given the delightful opportunity to pick what we have for dinner, this years pick was. . .

. . . Steak!


Seasoned to perfection


The genius is an excellent cook,
and has turned the science of the whole BBQ thing into to an art and everyone’s steak was cooked to personalized perfection of their expectations. . . even if the genius disagreed! 

He likes his steak so it is still alive on the plate, otherwise classified as rare. 
The rest of us prefer it to at least looked cooked inside and out!

We were so excited to eat that we didn’t get pictures of the final product

but trust me it was . . . well. . . .


Steak accompanied by Gorgonzola Augratin Potatoes and fresh steamed carrots

. . . the perfect b-day meal

The musician wanted Sushi, so the Genius took him out for “real” sushi as his gift

After dinner we went. . . .


. . . and played a round of Haunted Miniature Golf


The daughter hit her ball a little too hard and the gargantuan spider tried to eat it, but with creative use of her putter it was safely retrieved without casualty to either the daughter or most importantly the spider, and the game went forward


I was trying to distract the genius, it seemed to work, because he didn’t do so swell tonight, 

great picture, though. . . . wouldn’t you agree?


I liked the pumpkins!  

The Businessman was the fortunate one to be in the pic too


The musician taking a calculated shot, he ended up being the star of the night and did better than the rest of us, even with my amazing,  

. . .not sure how I accomplished them

two in-a-row hole in one shots!


Trapped in Dracula's yard!

Now for the cake. . . 


The daughter helped out and baked the cake. . . 

I’m not quite sure what happened, but it certainly wasn’t what was planned

rather than get all depressed over DESTROYED birthday cake. .  .

. . .  Moving forward to plan B!


we cut it up into cubes


the destruction of getting it out of the pan didn’t change the yumminess factor. . .

not one little bit. . .


Topped with the amazing Farr’s Vanilla Bean Ice-cream. . .

. . . my personal favorite


and finally topped with caramel-coconut-pecan goodness

the desert that beckons for second helpings, this stuff is

well. . . . 

. . . dangerously delicious!

Who would have guessed we didn’t plan it this way?

When all is said and done we were busy the entire weekend
so busy, that we didn’t have time to carve pumpkins, which is kind of a sad thing, 

. . . we’ll carve pumpkins next year

but we had a great time and would repeat the weekend again!

I hope you have a great week!



  1. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. So good to be able to do things together as a family. Food looks yummy.

  2. great save on the cake