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Monday, November 14, 2011

. . . and the cupboards are bare!

Today I am complaining! 

Or, I guess we could label it venting. . . 
at least I think that sounds a little more tolerable

Remember when we were so excited for the missionary (now the musician) to come home, well perhaps we should have held off a little on the excitement. . . .


see, as a result of him coming home he brought some VERY unwelcome house guests!  The tragic part of this is that he isn’t even here to be part of the fun they have caused.

just in case you’re a teeny-tiny bit curious as to who these house guests are. . .

image image

the kitchen has been taken over by no other than the invincible cockroach,
(while this is what our roaches look like, the blue one  from the internet)

Jut to clear up any confusion. . . I have done nothing but be disgusted by them.  

I know for a fact that they are living inside the door of the dishwasher, (where the arrow is pointing), because I have personally watched them take refuge there, as well as behind the stove.

At first I thought they were just a funny little bug migrating in from outside looking for refuge from the oncoming winter and was just disposing of them accordingly.  When the musician was home for the b-day celebrations I heard this wee little conversation coming from the kitchen. . .

“don’t tell mom”

DON’T TELL MOM. . . . WHAT???  

except is was more in the form of a demand, than a question ~ ~ ~ those obnoxious little bugs were identified. . . cockroaches!

The genius served his mission in Florida and also had plenty of experience with these little critters, why he didn’t identify them sooner is still a mystery to me, but in the end  the decision was made. . .


I called the exterminator first thing Monday morning

I’ve never had to call an exterminator before. . . this is a new experience!

Our instructions were as follows:
  • clean out ALL cupboards
  • empty out the closets
  • clear out the storage room as much as possible
  • move couches and anything else that could be moved, away from the walls
  • in short. . . get stuff off the floor, away from the walls and clean out the kitchen!

So the genius and I went to work

. . . and just for the record it was a ton of work

with not much of a reward at the end

seriously, it was no different than moving, without the reward of moving to a new house, or a new neighborhood

we decided to simply buy boxes to put most of our stuff in. . . we didn’t have enough laundry baskets to complete the task at hand

my word, I have a lot of stuff, some “stuff” has permanent residence in the garage, we just piled the extras in the middle

I seriously need to consider getting a bigger house and garage or to simply get rid of some of my long held treasures. . .

. . . but that is a debate for another day.

Today. . . I just need to get the house emptied out by 11:00 am Wednesday.

I think I may liquidate some stuff with this process. . .

see, I think I have waaaayyyy tooooooo much hanging around!

the genius did a great job of taping all the boxes. . .

in fact I think he kind of enjoyed that part

. . . there were boxes everywhere

almost $30.00 in boxes. . . but this was a desperate situation, 

and we easily justified the purchase of boxes today.


I didn’t have to work on Tuesday and so ALL DAY LONG we boxed up the kitchen.  

Even though this project WAS exhausting, mentally, physically, emotionally 

the genius summed it up like this. . .

“I am all about taking shortcuts. . . but not with this, let’s do it right!”

so onward we forged. . .


What wouldn’t fit on the table, or in a laundry basket, went into a box
and then to the garage, or to the middle of the room


we stacked as much as we could in the middle of every room

DSC01017 DSC01010

we emptied the closets


and piled it everywhere we could. . . it just needed to be off the floor

I have to admit, the kitchen was the most challenging, by a long shot


but we found some interesting treasures in the process. . .

I’m glad we found this guy hiding back in the corner! 

not much longer and we would have been cleaning this cupboard out anyway.

DSC01000 DSC01001

how many of the same item does a kitchen need? 
Some of these haven’t even been opened. . . 

Note to self ~ ~ ~ do inventory before going shopping!

. . . All day Tuesday, until 1:00 AM. . . up at 4:30 am. . .

. . . the genius kept slightly different hours but we were pretty exhausted by the time the exterminator arrived at 11:00 am sharp

all that work. . . and he was done with his part in about 35 minutes!

ugh. . . I couldn’t get sleep after work until. . .


I cleaned off my bed!

did I mention that I have toooooo many treasures

I like to keep busy and active

which means. . .

lots of stuff. . .

I think I just need more space ~ ~ ~ !

. . .  now. . . we get to put everything back
                                                                       . . . . .
                                                                                         . . . . .

                                                                                                            . . . . . only to

repeat the whole process in precisely 4 weeks, 

yup, exactly 28 days from now we get to do this again. . .

what does this equate to?

Very LITTLE motivation to put it back the house back together


It took me 20 minutes to find my oatmeal and salt for breakfast the next day 
and another 10 minutes to locate the pan to cook it in!

The good news . . . the silver lining:

  • we haven’t seen ANY living bugs of ANY variety since Wednesday
  • We have found a small handful of dead bugs. . . I think we call that success!
  • The exterminator told us if we didn’t see any evidence of bugs between now and 28 days from now we could put the closets back together
we are hopeful. . .

and have slowly been putting the closets back together

the kitchen and the pantry are different . . .

they will need to be done regardless of what we don’t see. . .

  • We also know how many boxes we will need if I ever do move

  • the cupboards are clean. . . top to bottom
  • no more bugs. . . The daughter hates bugs!
  • I have been able to get rid of some stuff. . .


. . . some to the D.I. (our local thrift store). . . NO, NO, NO!  NOT the bike, but other stuff

. . . some to the landfill (3 large garbage bags full)

but most of it. . . 

will find a spot in the cupboard or closet that it came from.

Thank you for being willing to listen to my whiningventing!  But honestly, this project just about put me over the edge.  As for right now, I think I will just go and empty another box.

. . . and the process continues. . . are you bored?   Visitors are always welcome!

Well, that is. . . unless you are a bug. . .



  1. Wow that looks like a lot of work sorry to hear you had cockroaches. I just cleaned out my whole kitchen too I found weavles and it really grossed me out, at least I didn't have to clean and or move stuff from the whole house, that was enough work for me. I did some research and there are 15 different types of weavles and beetles that come in your grains, cereal, pasta, and wheat thought that was pretty interesting. Well I hope you get rid of all the bugs, or should I say little visitors lol and get your house back to normal soon.

  2. I think when an atom bomb goes off the only thing left living will be cockroches. I had enough of those in Texas. Luckily when I moved back to Utah none came with me. Maybe it help that my stuff sat in storage for a month. We've run into other bugs infesting our house too. One particular one that has been bugging us FOREVER and is extremely hard to get rid of are moths. Plus spiders in the basement. And now a mouse in our garage. UGH. Glad you survived the process. Exhausting beyond words it sounded like. Hope you are recovered from it by now.

  3. Ha!! I had cockroaches living in door of my microwave in Argentina, and every night I would go to war with them. One time I saw a little cockroach leg hanging out in the crack of our wall. I got the raid and sprayed and kept spraying. One by one, about 50 cockroaches fell out of my wall. I killed the whole family reunion. EW!!! I would have nightmares about cockroaches climbing all over me at night. Hopefully they don't return!! They are terrible!!

  4. I remember telling you you didn't need to worry about the cockroaches being brought back from GA. Whoops. That sounds like a not so fun experience! Yuck!