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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Primary & Play-dough

On Sunday I taught primary.  The lesson was on the Golden Rule and the lesson suggested making playdough for the children to make something that resembled a treasure that was special to them.  So I got to work and made some playdough.

I have to admit that it was kind of fun. . . I haven’t made playdough since the daughter, the genius, and the musician were just little tykes

. . . that was forever ago

but I thought I would share with you our little adventure.

first I had to make the playdough. . . 

Just in case you want to make your own playdough you can
and like magic the recipe will appear!

combine all your ingredients together in a medium size sauce pan.  Make sure your pan has a sturdy handle to hold on to, because this stuff gets sticky stiff, I mean we are making playdough, so imagine yourself trying to stir playdough on the stove.  You need to have a firm handle to hold while you stir while it’s cooking.


it begins out like a thick soup and gradually begins to look like this


then this. . .


and finally, it looks like, well. . . playdough!

next let it cool down a little . . .

or a lot. . . if you are like me with wussy fingers that can’t handle heat


dig the playdough out of the pan and knead it for a couple of minutes.  I wanted several colors so I divided mine into six portions.  If you only want one color you can save yourself a little mess and color the mixture BEFORE you begin cooking it. 
(I also made a double batch. . . it made quite a bit)

because I kneaded my colors in after the playdough was made, and didn’t want hands and fingers that looked like they came directly from a Dr. Seuss book I put on gloves that I could just throw away when I was finished.


This was my first color. . . Pink!  . . . I love pink


When I was finished coloring my playdough my hands would have looked like this!


But I had 6 delightful balls of playdough for primary

The lesson recommended that the children create something that looked like something that they owned that was like a special treasure, that they cared about a great deal.

This is what my class came up with~ ~ ~


a glass bear with a blue heart, a kitty-cat


a blanket made by grandma with flip-flops on it, and a pet dog
after the lesson they had no interest in coloring their golden rulers, they wanted to play with the playdough. . . so they did

a dish for the dog
a bed for the cat


someone made a snake


this is mine. . . yup, I decided to join in the fun too
So we had fun in primary today, I hope they went away with what was supposed to be the object of the lesson. . .

I had forgotten how fun playdough can be :-)

The Golden Rule  

Do unto others as you would like them to do for/to you
be nice
respect others, and their property
 return things that you borrowed
help others


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  1. How fun!! I bet your class had a a lot of fun in primary that day! Thanks for sharing.