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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies

Sometimes it’s good to take a break from training, not that I didn’t ride last Saturday, but before riding my bike. . .  I made a few cookies . . . 

My good friend and co-worker is getting married and we had a bridal shower

Because I do food, and somehow people think that I like food. . .

. . . probably because it’s true

I like food, good food. . .

So I am frequently called upon to help in this area

So I made cookies. . . .


On Saturday our LITTLE kitchen turned into a cookie factory as I made

dozens and dozens of cute little cookies!


Gingersnap Cookies with Orange Cream Icing


Pumpkin Marshmallow  cookies

And. . .


Mint Chocolate Nut Brownie Cookies

It was a fun project. . .

. . . but as always the best reward is hearing people enjoying my little creations.

Today I will share the gingersnap cookies. . .

First, cream together the sugars and butter. . .

you may recognize this photo from the smores post I did this summer. . .

but the process is the same.  to Cream is not merely mixing your sugar and butter, but MIXING, Beating, beating, and beating some more. . .  for like 5 minutes more.

you may notice that I NEVER use margarine, only butter!  Margarine tends to do funny things to food. . . and leaves a funny taste in my mouth. . .

. . . so only butter for our little kitchen


Now stir in the dry ingredients, the vanilla and eggs.  

You may use a mixer for this part, just be sure to mix everything together super good


Then, using a scraper or large spoon, stir in the flour.  Note that I didn’t say anything about using a mixer for this part. . . you will just use power from your arm, to GENTLY fold/incorporate the flour into what is called cookie dough.

This is great, because if you make LOTS of cookies you will get strong arms! 



now, roll your cookies into little balls and then roll them in sugar. . . I am using Turbinado sugar here but you can easily use regular sugar it will work just fine


place them on your baking sheet that has been lined with parchment paper or a silpat mat.  Some cookies do better on parchment, but these are fine on either liner.


These cookies do flatten and spread a little, so leave enough room in-between each little ball or they will stick together.

bake for 10 minutes

. . . let the cookies cool before trying to move them.


They come out of the oven kind of puffy like this, then as they cool


they magically flatten and go crinkly like this

To make your cookies extra special, if you want, make an orange cream icing to go on top.  I normally don’t do this step if just making cookies for fun, but this was a special occasion so I added an extra touch of goodness. . .

I'm confident you will enjoy your cookies with or without orange icing.


I used a zester to create long strips of orange for the garnish, that were then cut into little pieces.  After I had my garnish made, I then zested the remainder of the orange for the icing and used fresh squeezed orange juice as my liquid with a little cream and cream cheese. . .   mmmmmmm. . .

it sure is a yummy addition!  ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ a perfect blend of orange and ginger!


Gingersnaps are one of the simplest cookies to make for sure, and super yummy! 

. . . These are always a favorite

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