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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Holiday’s Have Come To An End. . .


We almost decided to skip Christmas this year.


because of the whole bug thing. . . 

if you are tired of hearing about our bug dilemma. . .

. . . try living here in the middle of it!


Seriously, we didn’t get a tree until Friday, December 23rd.  

I’m not sure what happened, but on December 22nd, we finally got the house completely put together and all of a sudden I decided we should get a tree.  So before work on Friday afternoon off we went to  our favorite Christmas tree lot, the Merrill Family Christmas Tree peeps and found this perfect little flocked tree.  We were going to get a bigger tree but they wouldn’t have been able to flock it due to the lateness of the hour of the season. . . We have never had a flocked tree, but it looked so pretty. . . so we took the one that was there, ready and waiting just for us.  It’s only about 4 1/2 feet tall and absolutely PERFECT!  We placed it on our game table in front of the window and decorated our little tree. 

This is the new norm for our house. . .

. . . We loved it soooooo much.

Both the Genius and the Muscisian were not super excited about having to wait an additional whole week for Christmas. . .  but in the end they both survived.


Our nativity nestled underneath our little tree, as a focal point


 it was so peaceful, a perfect fit.


our Christmas Table. . .

So much more elegant BEFORE it’s been covered with food!


So Clean and shiny 
This is one of those things that you just want to admire and not mess it up

Love it


beautiful and impressive. . . I love Christmas, 

I love Christmas music, 

and. . . I love our Christmas dishes

We look forward to Christmas breakfast each year. . . 

                                                                                           . . . It’s tradition!


This year we did something a little different.  I was actually was spawned onto the idea from
a co-worker.  The three wise men came instead of Santa. 

They came bearing three gifts: 

. . . Something you need

. . . Something you want

. . . Something for fun

It was a great success and helped us to stay focused on the purpose of Christmas and it helped the budget too . . . triple bonus. 

The gifts set up nicely around the table on the floor, not hiding the nativity at all. 

A perfect picture.


This was my favorite “fun” gift. . . Angry Bird Beanie for the Genius

. . . do you see any resemblance of the two?   

. . . it was a perfect match, I love this photo!


Before the daughter was married, her roommate used her apron as a hot-pad and caught it on fire.  Since that day she has complained that she needed a new one, so I put the creative skills to work and made this for her. 

It turned out so perfect!


from last year you may recognize that we have begun the onsies tradition for Christmas.  Typically we wear these Christmas morning for breakfast, but we had breakfast on Monday, the day after Christmas so the Musician, who wasn’t here last year needed his monkey pj’s, so he opened them on Sunday for Breakfast on Monday.


He wasn’t quite sure what to think


They look rather large and long. . . but they are perfect!
Truth be known, we love our pj’s and wear them to stay snuggly warm even when it isn’t Christmas.  Turns out the musician was a good sport about it in the end, but still not convinced these types of pj’s are a good idea after Christmas breakfast is over.


for our annual Christmas photo!


We have determined that Oscar dog likes his pajamas!  If you know our dog he has pretty severe allergies, and itches and has muscle spasms constantly.  I’m not sure who is more bugged by his ailment, he or us.  It’s pathetically sad that a dog knows the meaning of “no itchies”  which he hears multiple times in a day.  He gets Clairton on a daily basis and when he's at his worst, he scratches himself till he bleeds.  He has struggled with this for so long that he has no fur on his sides. 

Poor sad miserable puppy.
While in his PJ’s we didn't notice one itchy all day long.  I have always sort of made light and joking jabs at peeps who dress their dogs, but we have decided our Oscar needs something on just so he doesn’t itch. If it works, who cares what people say. . . . right?

So while we were a week behind for Christmas it turned out absolutely perfectly wonderful

Until next year. . . .

I hope you had a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



  1. Your decorations are beautiful Annette. Thanks for sharing your christmas with us. I always enjoy reading what you have written.

  2. What a beautiful Christmas you made in a pinch! I love the apron! Well done! You are so creative. And the hat is a great match!
    I hope the bugs are gone for good this time.
    And I hope that clothes really do help Oscar with his itchy problem. Happy New Year!