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Sunday, February 12, 2012

When should I say enough?. . .

I have been working hard this past couple of months!

I changed the background to da blog to look more Februaryish. . . it's been the same for too long and was calling for a change of scenery.  I need to change the picture too. . . but it will have to be happy for a bit longer. . . I don't have a pic on hand that will work there.

Next, I am preparing to teach a Pasta class at Kitchen Kneads the 1st of March. . . I have zeroed in on the recipes and as typical for me they have been tested, tried, and now are  ready to by typed up for the class.

I’m also getting ready for another Kitchen Kneads class in May. . . this one is for some of our picnic favorites.  I’ve been excited to do this class for a while and will be using some of our already tried and true recipes like “Smore’s without the fire” and other favorites.  So I’m not too worried about this class other than it lands right as my training will really kick off.  I have an early spring ride and a century planned before the picnic class, and one the weekend after!

I hope it all works out okay . . .

I have enlisted the help of a cycling coach and there are days that I am confident he is trying to kill me, but I’m obviously still alive to write another post on da blog!  With each workout it is my objective to do them completely as written and recommended, thus far my legs have cooperated, and I’ve only missed a couple of sessions.  Finding a coach has been one of the best things I have done, it has kept me focused, motivated, and given structure to my training.

Right now I am only logging approximately 6-8 hours a week, and slowly ramping up
but workouts have been intense and time adds up fast! 

Since December I have logged 56 hours on my trainer totaling 1076 miles!

I feel like I’ve regained what fitness I lost from surgery in October, except the weight. . . 

. . .Ugh

that’s the most depressing part. . .

but I’m working on that part too. . .

. . . It's happening . . .  just not fast enough

Why is it that gaining weight is sooooo much easier than getting it back off ? ? ? ? ?

I have also registered for most all of the events that I plan on participating in this summer.  I’m confident that there will be a couple of random events pop up here and there, but my event schedule is pretty much in place now.

With all of these things. . .

while maintaining da blog and my job

. . . I call that working hard!

I complain to coach daily and the genius gets a good dose fairly regularly too. . . he is here, so he hears the first vocalization of how tired me legs are at the end of some of my training sessions, coach mainly gets e-mails.

So with fear and trepidation, I am excited for a successful season this year.

. . . I think that's what they call an oxymoron.

I truly want to improve my LOTOJA time this year and that will take some hard work and dedication.  It's hard to tell much about my progress until I get back out on the open roads, 

hopefully in March. . .

. . . the weather will determine the outcome of exactly when

I have to admit I’m curious to see if all this work will pay off, but I am certain,

(Source: pinterest.com via Maxine on Pinterest)

Angela posted this on facebook and it applies to me too. . . 

                                           she said it for both of us. . . 

. . . and I’m definitely in!

. . . I am going to trust that it will be worth it.

With so much time on the trainer I decided to build a floor and mount the trainer onto the little floor

Here is a little view of my latest project, 

. . . and yup I’m kinda jazzed about it. . .


I found some flooring at our local Thrift Store, known as D.I.
What a deal. . . only $4.00


went to Lowe’s, the local lumber/hardware store, and picked up some wafer board

~ ~ ~ had it cut to size


began collecting an assortment of necessary items, glue, screws, nails, feet, etc. . . the feet came from industrial rounders that were being discarded. . . score!

Cost: free

then I didn’t quite know where to go from there, so I asked a co-worker, sort of known as our in-house encyclopedia. . . he knows about so many things. . .

he turned out to be soooo helpful, and kind of took over my little weekend project, which in the end I was ever so grateful for


we, well okay. . . HE . . .  glued the boards together

anchored them with screws until the glue dried

then removed the screws


drilled holes, and attached the part for the feet
(I don’t remember what these little gizmos are called)

At work they razzed me and told me I was such a girl!  the guys said they would have just used the plywood. . . My reply. . . you can't mop up sweat off of plywood!

. . . how could they disagree with that argument?

I Win that one!

and then he got stumped on how to attach the flooring.   So he called his brother-in-law, who is a building contractor.  the brother-in-law came and picked all the pieces up, took them away and a couple of day’s later, came back with the completed product!

So what began as a simple question turned into a major project for the two of them. . .
I hope they know how much I appreciate their help!

I was so excited. . . It was like Christmas in February!

. . . I brought my new floor home


screwed in the feet


drilled holes to attach the trainer


bolted the trainer onto the new floor

DSC01386 3x5

attached my psychologist, also known as Florence, or some would just call it a bicycle. . .

and I was off and riding!. . .

in front of a fan and a computer

in a climate controlled environment, 

on a floor that can be mopped and cleaned!



Before this amazing improvement project, I was just on an old, faded, dolphin towel. . . 

sort of sloppy and not very pretty. . . and this scene was straightened for the picture!  

But it was better than sweating all over the carpet!

It’s apparent that the improvement was worth it. 
All in all this little project cost me a little over $20.00

not bad I say.  

the only drawback is. . . 

now I have to be careful not to stub my toe!

So for now, I think I have enough going on!

As always, thanks for stopping in to read. . . have a great week!


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