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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Once in a while. . .

amazing things happen!
Anyone who knows our Oscar dog will agree that this is pretty amazing!
While he is a gentle, lovable pup around the people variety,
putting him with anything with four legs is. . .

. . . well, an ENTIRELY different story


The Genius’s friend came to visit and brought Cache with him. . . 

and. . .

. . . Oscar didn’t eat him! 

having a rough puppyhood, being attacked twice by our neighbors german shepherd, he was also attacked by a mean ol tom cat too, he has the evidence of a 1/2" slice in his ear as a reminder of that fateful day.

Anyway, as a result, our little Oscar Dog became what they call "canine aggressive"

But he is actually a wimp and afraid of everything,. . . he simply makes it well known that he is not pleased with the presence of any 4-legged critter and does he fine job of making that fact very plain and obvious.

He tried to eat a Saint Bernard once, and was almost eaten for lunch, literally
it was a bad day for everyone
anyway. . .

today, he actually co-existed in the same room with a canine pal 

well, I’m not sure if they were exactly “pals” but they did okay.  You can tell that neither dog is entirely at ease with the situation, but they are warming to the idea. . . 

we think. . . 

The genius said it took a bit of effort to get Oscar dog to realize that it was okay, and Doggy Cache wasn’t going to eat him, and in turn, Oscar didn’t need to eat Cache.   In the end they both survived the process of introduction, and then spent the next couple of hours roaming the house together.
Only time will tell what the future holds. . . 

Amazing things can happen everyday!


thanks for visiting. . . 

have a great week!

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