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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The stars have lined up against me. . .

Some weeks are just like that. . .

not so great

This one was filled with long work days, difficult people, bad news, and unfortunate realities.

this was one highlight though. . .


At work we had this come in as a donation. . . totally made my day, summed up my job quite nicely, but . . .  the best part? 

It made me laugh!   

The timing was perfect for my week.

So at this point you may be asking what made it such a rough week?
  • It ended up being a long 54 hr. work week
  • my van is sporting a brand new radiator
  • I have a new and improved filling in my tooth
  • A couple of weeks ago my trainer broke down and I took it in to be repaired.  Contender Bicycles gave me one of theirs to use while I didn’t have mine.  Anyway they called saying my Trainer is back.  The price tag for the repair: $365.00 (including $40 shipping).   The trainer people didn't call to forewarn of the cost they just fixed it and shipped it   
. . .apparently it had a bad circuit board
. . .  I've also been putting off getting new tires for the van since December, but the inspection is due this month and therefore I cannot put it off any longer,

and. . .  I think I need brakes too.  

All this added up translates to: 

I will not be able to get a power meter on my bike this spring.  

(A power meter measures -- in watts -- how much force you are putting into the pedals to move your bike forward.)

kind of pricey . . . but. . . crazy-cool amazing technology!  

Something that I have been saving for, talking about, and wanting since July of last year!  

So this is kind of a depressing reality that it’s not happening for me right now.

I'm trying not to be discouraged, and keep reminding myself that I've ridden for 5 years without it, so one more season is completely doable, not to mention all the peeps that STILL don't have power, and they do fine. . .  my little pep talk is sort of working. . . 

The musician had no sympathy at all.  He just reminded me that if I hadn’t have been saving all this time, then I wouldn’t have the funds to do the things that now NEEDED to be done. 

I told him to be quiet.

I didn’t like it. . . I would have just walked everywhere like I did last year. . . 

. . . humph!

I simply didn’t appreciate that he was trying to help me see the blessing mingled between a major disappointment.

and it snowed. . . 

. . . I thought spring was coming!?!?!?

Friday is the day the van decided to break down, and just sort of put me over the edge, I had, had it!  I skipped my workout for the day. . .

. . .  it wasn't difficult to rationalize that it was my "easy" day anyway.

Saturday finished my work week with an 11 hour day.  By the time I was home I simply didn't want to get on the bike, but kept hearing coaches words of advice about this particular workout:  they are called SFR’s:

". . . if you are inclined to miss a workout, this is not the one to miss."
As this sentence reverberated in my mind, knowing I already skipped Friday’s training session, even though it was an easy day,   I gathered what energy I had left, and completed Saturday’s workout.  It was hard and I almost didn't make it through the SFR sets, particularly toward the end they were a little weak, but I gave it my all.

but even better that I completed the entire 1 hr 44 minute ride

In conclusion I was very glad I chose to do it. . . the workout

cleared my head, 

eased my frustrations, 

and somehow I felt better about life.

Then the genius had been in the kitchen again
He is an amazing cook, in some ways even better than I

But he makes a HUGE mess when he cooks and left me this to clean up:


Yup. . . this is all from one session of macaroni and cheese!

. . . and I thought I was a messy cook!

thanks for listening. . .

have a great week!


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