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Sunday, March 11, 2012

chop, chop, oops!

On Saturday I was hurrying to get things ready for a baby shower that my family was putting together for the daughter.  (watch for shower details later this week) One of the final preparations I was working on was the chicken salad that we were serving. 

It had been a long week and I spent a little too much time on finding the perfect key-lime cupcake recipe for the cupcakes and not enough time on other parts that I was to contribute.  So once again, sleep deprived, a bajillion check lists going through my mind, and



                                   hurry. . .

it happened. . .


I chopped off the end of my left thumb!

I was cutting the green onions on a sharp diagonal which was fortunate.  I managed to remove a good 1/2” of nail, and didn’t quite make it all the way through so the tip was still attached.

I went down and chased the genius out of bed and he valiantly finished chopping the green onions for the salad and then took me to insta-care.

The doc at insta-care numbed it up nicely, cut off the fingernail that I hadn’t quite succeeded in chopping off, and stitched my thumb all back together.

So I went from being on time, to two hours in insta-care and a SORE thumb to say the least, we called the fam and postponed the shower for the two hours I was delayed.

in the end, all is well.

I won’t put a picture of what my thumb looks like without the bandage, that might be a little much for some viewers,

but today as I changed the bandaging as instructed I was quite disappointed. 

I was certain I had received a total of five (5) stitches,

. . . but today realized it was only three (3).

Not such a great story after all. . .

but it was traumatic at the moment, I promise!

The best news of this whole adventure is that for an entire week. . .

The genius gets to do dishes. . .

. . . cool stuff!

I was given specific instructions not to get my thumb wet for an entire week. 

except now, he is all on board with getting a new dishwasher. . .

ours died a few months back and I’ve been
fine just doing them by hand, all of a sudden he’s
thinking my method isn’t such a great idea after all.

Seriously, the genius HATES doing dishes, he would much rather clean the toilet
so this indeed, is a huge sacrifice for him!

I’m not sure how this latest adventure will effect my bike workouts, because I get pretty sweaty:  sweat = wet. 

I’m thinking if I remove the bandaging it will probably be okay.  After today I’m not supposed to put Neosporin on it so it can dry out and heal faster.   Sweat is water with salt mixed in, which would mean things dry out even more. . . . right?

a little extra salt from working out may speed up the whole healing process

I think I’m okay with that!

As for the Key-Lime Cupcakes, the trial version was great, but when they converted to jumbo size, they sunk and were not light an fluffy like their  predecessors. 

That too was slightly disappointing, but we served them any way. 

In the end the shower was a great success, despite a couple of
minor details that didn’t get done, and we had a delightful time. 

It’s always good to share with family.

All those details coming this week!

As always, thanks for being here

have a great day!



  1. Oh no! I hope it heals well. And, I wanna see the picture! I miss you :)