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Sunday, April 15, 2012

shhhh. . . Baby Sleeping

Let me introduce you to our Little Oreo!


If you have ever wondered what I might look like at 3 AM, well, here you have it!

Our little Oreo arrived at 9:47 PM, Sunday, April 1

weighing in at 7 lbs. 8 oz.

we received the call at 11 PM that evening that he had arrived and of course we went to say hello!

Hello, little one. . . we are so excited you are finally here

The daughter didn’t do too well and kept fainting/passing out so they transported her to the hospital.  We all met at the hospital and arrived at the same time as the businessman, which was actually pretty cool.

Because they opted to deliver at a Birthing Center when they transported the daughter, they sent baby Oreo with dad and when we all arrived, including the businessman's family we took care of baby for the three hours that they were stabilizing mom.


we simply took turns holding our little bundle and 
enjoyed every nano second of the experience.  

The Other Grandma and Aunt


Uncle Genius


Uncle Musician


We even let dad have a turn. . . we were so nice!

It takes a few days for babies to get their color,
that first day he was just as pink as any baby. . .


Baby Oreo 4 days old


7 days old


just a tiny resemblance. . .

precious moments napping


Family Forever!

 I went to help the new adjusting parents for a few days.  I left the following Sunday, but missed Church, so I decided to stop at Temple Square on my way home that afternoon, to take a moment to ponder and reflect on the events of the past week

words just can't describe the feelings.


 beautiful, peaceful, amazing


I couldn’t help but enjoy the beautiful day and took a couple snapshots of the scenery as a feeble attempt to capture all that was in my heart.


I finally had to leave.  I was VERY tired and wanted/needed bed

Someone asked me how it feels to be a grandma. . .

I don’t feel like a grandma

I don’t look like a grandma

I certainly don’t act like a grandma

but. . . 

being a grandma is an awesome place to be!

although, I have forgotten how much these little tykes DON'T sleep!

What a wonderful time



  1. Oh! You are a grandma! Congratulations.....so adorable! I am so happy for you :)

  2. Congrats!!!! The little one is just adorable!!!!

  3. Congratulations! But you are too young to be a grandma.

  4. Congrats Annette. You will be an awesome grandma!!