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Monday, April 2, 2012

Sometimes life is beautiful


Especially when a friend tells you that you are special

There hasn’t been much going on this week, so I decided to keep life simple.
The weather has been wonderful and so finally I’ve been able to ride outside again

then this weekend was General Conference. . .

oh, how I LOVE listening to conference, it gives such a boost to life.

We are expecting a baby any day. . .

. . . Now that is exciting

work has been busy

The week before last, I was in Salt Lake for an entire week for training, 

which kept me VERY busy and occupied. . .

. . . I thoroughly enjoyed every moment

The City Creek Shopping Center opened while we were there and we went to take a peek,
Visiting was worth the trip, what an amazing place, it was fun!

here’s a very small sampling of what we found there:



For those who remember the ZCMI Center and Crossroads Mall, 
well, they have now been joined to create City Creek

What an amazing place!


I’m not much of the shopper type


but I enjoyed my time watching people have a good time!

The dancing fountain. . . looks like fun

The girl in the dress was having the time of her life!


and just browsing around 



a live mannequin. . . if you touch her she moves. . . for real!


A dress display, made entirely out of packaging ribbon

the kind you would use to make a bow for a birthday package. . .

. . . amazingly cool!


a cool window display


Tiffany’s. . . this display is for one little ring

across the way was the Rolex store, a single watch was listed for $8550.00!

I’m not sure why I didn’t snap a picture of that. . . .


We just found this entertaining!  

our group determined that this was a reporter or something like that and she was trying to see if her hair was doing what she wanted it to do. . . 

she would take a picture of herself show it to the camera dude and then try again, we watched this little action for 4 different attempts. . . kind of funny


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