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Sunday, May 27, 2012

solving my dilemma . . .

Now that I’m riding and training in the great outdoors, and because I have short-term memory challenges. . . I think that part is because I’m getting old. . . but my challenge is that I am having difficulties remembering my instructions/workouts that coach sends me:

How many, of exactly what:
     For example:  hill repeats from Friday: 

My instructions were: 
     Find a hill that is 10 minutes long and go up it 3 times. . .
How long:
     each climb should last approximately 10 minutes with a 5
     minute rest or recovery between each one
At what cadence and/or heart rate zone:
     these are supposed to be kind of hard, so pedal (spin)
     between 50-55 cadence, in a HR zone 4-5.
and in what order I should do each part of the workout:
     These hill repeats are followed by some super fast
     spinning with with their own set of instructions for that
     specific task.

While it might appear a simple task to remember this little bit of info. . . for some reason I cannot seem to do just that.

In all honesty, if I didn't have my Garmin computer I would loose track of how many times I climbed that hill!

I have a computer so if I get lost, it will help me get back home!   

I am incredibly directionally impaired. . .

                               seriously. . .

. . . I'm hopeless

When on the trainer I simply look at the computer and know exactly what I’m supposed to be doing.  While practical and convenient for a trainer it becomes a little problematic when out on the open road, as a computer is a little cumbersome and not practical in any sense of the imagination to haul around while riding a bicycle.

I put my instructions in my phone, a mini version of a computer that is portable, but pulling it out and looking at it while riding, is for me, a bit of a pain, so that plan didn’t work out so well either.


then I tried putting a little reminder paper in my bento-box. . . 


Better but still a little cumbersome.  I wanted something that I could just look at so I didn’t have to slow down and fiddle with pockets or velcro, or other items to get it out.

So before Friday’s workout I set out to design a better solution. . .

My bento box is one of my friends, I store nutrition, ibuprofen, chap-stick, instructions, a small amount of cash, house key, and other small items that I may need on a ride.  I used to put my phone in here too, but my new phone won't quite fit, so now it goes in the back pocket of my jersey with other larger items that won't fit in the bento box.

anyway. . . this is what I came up with:


I have a roll of laminating plastic so I cut a strip off
You could just as easily go to your local craft store and pick-up
some light weight clear vinyl


I folded it in half so the sticky sides glued themselves together creating a non-sticky surface inside and out.  Then I trimmed up the edges so the were all even and pretty


then using shiny type tape, taped up the open side edge and the bottom


then trimmed off the excess tail of tape


creating a little pocket for my instruction card.
that is the size of a business card


now I needed to mount it onto my bike somehow


using an exact-o knife I cut two small slits in each side of my newly formed little clear pocket


for about 3 seconds I considered using zip-ties, but I’m not looking for a permanent attachment here, I wanted something that is temporary and removable


the twist ties were perfect.  I did need two twist ties, twisted together, so they would be long enough to go around the handlebar. . .

minor stuff. . .



Instructions that are visible on my bike, removable if needed,
somewhat weatherproof and reusable

I can move it wherever I want or need

for the top tube I would want to change the orientation of the text. . . 

 that is an easy remedy. . .

cool stuff
I’m a happy camper cyclist!

. . . and my ride was great

I did everything I was supposed to do, 

                                     and in the right order,

                          and now . . .

I’m ready for my next ride!
Happy Days


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