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Monday, May 7, 2012

uh-oh. . . that wasn’t good!

I have gotten dreadfully behind on posting, that isn’t so good!  I have four posts I need to do and will combine two of them here today.

I went for a ride with the Joyride group, on our WNR (Wednesday Night Ride), I enjoy riding with them because
  1. first:  it’s much more fun to ride with others, they entertain with conversation
  2. Second: they motivate me to push MUCH harder than I push myself when I’m not with them
  3. Third: even though you are dying they provide moral support, so I keep going!
  4. Fourth: When you do something stupid, they are there to care and make sure you are going to be okay. 

This is exactly what happened two weeks ago!

These are railroad tracks. . . 

. . . not very nice ones!

On a bicycle it’s important to go over railroad tracks correctly, or they will eat your bike!  And because you are on your bike you feel the full effects of such things!

the red line indicates the correct way to go over tracks. . . straight across at a 90° angle, if you go over the tracks following the road you will do what I did. . . crash   I was riding with a group on the inside edge (blue line) being too close to the edge and a cyclist right next to me (yellow squiggly line) I just didn’t have enough space to get the angle I needed.  I made it over the first rail just fine but then the second one. . .

well, not much to say here. . . 

. . . except that I ended up in a heap. 

Just for the record. . . I look forward to all the instant replays when I get to heaven. . . at least I hope there are tapes of stuff like this!  how disappointing if they don’t. . .

because of my poor angle my tire caught the sunken earth and the track ate my tire dumping me to the ground. . .

and now. . .  I feel like the club klutz

you know that feeling you have when you flag
someone down to say Hello,
and realize it’s a complete stranger. . . 

that’s how I felt today. . . 

except these guys all know who I am, 

and some of them know me when I’m NOT wearing sunglasses and spandex. . . 

there’s no escape. . . .

we were only into our ride by approximately 7-8 miles

How embarrassing . . .

I mean seriously, I know how to ride a bike!  

DSC01653 DSC01654 DSC01686
knee & leg
fancy bruise!
In full color
Once I got home I was able to assess the damage a little more clearly.  This fabulous bruise is the end result AFTER two weeks!   from the shape and location I think I landed right on the track. . .

. . . It still hurts

The group was very concerned and made sure I was okay before moving on, a couple of them even offered to ride back to town with me.  While my wounds stung, and they hurt, it didn’t impede my ability to ride, so on we went


Corky (one of our group) recommended I soak in Epsom Salts. . . 

so I did. . .

This stuff is like magic miracle soothing potion stuff

My little soak in the tub with these salts was perfect, I could feel it soothing and healing as I just soaked. . . and soaked . . . and soaked. . . until the water cooled down and I looked like a grape that had been dehydrating too long

. . . mmmmm thinking about this makes me want to do it again

it was awesome

Thanks Corky!

Then on the following Tuesday I finally completed a couple of LONG overdue projects!

Remember in February how I stripped the wallpaper off of the kitchen wall and left it looking kind of ugly?

well, kind of ugly doesn’t quite do it justice. . . 

. . . it was flat out bad ugly!

So I rounded up the paint and all the paint supplies and busied myself in painting.


Looking much better if I don’t say so myself


fresh, clean, beautiful!


I also decided to tackle the front door and get it painted!  After removing the door I put it on the saw horses and painted it all pretty.

All was going exceptionally well until. . .

The neighbors cat came to visit and wanted to explore the inside of our house!

I decided that wasn’t going to work for a couple of reasons. . .

  1. Oscar HATES cats
  2. I don’t like cats either
  3. I HATE hair and this cat was visibly shedding as it was trying to get into the house.

I shooed him away with the broom. . . he didn’t like my sweeping the front porch off.  I thought we were in the clear but then he came back.  Fortunately I had used a Latex based paint on the door so it was dry enough to replace it.  I carried it in the house and propped it up in front of the doorway to help deter the cat while I went to close the garage, because I didn’t want him in there either. 

While I was working on closing said garage I heard a big crash it was one of those sounds that reverberates disaster!

and thought uh-oh. . .

. . . that wasn’t good!

. . . I was absolutely correct on that thought!  


I had a gallon of primer sitting on this little table with newspaper under it.  A breeze must have caught the door and caused it to slam down on to said table knocking off the photo album and paint can creating a delightfully HUGE mess!

At least it was only 1 album, count your blessings where you can!


The big dilemma was where to begin with the clean up?

I initially decided to begin with pictures
Taking them to the kitchen, looking more closely, I realized that the plastic covers had absorbed 95% of the damage, and that the pictures were for the large part in good shape . . .

I decided they could wait until after I got the wall and floor cleaned up 

before the primer began to dry. . . 


So I tackled the spill next . . .


After over 2 1/2 hours of clean up efforts, it’s difficult to tell that 3/4 gallon of primer had been spilled here in this exact spot!


Now I have two nice scars on the interior of my door. . .

The memory will live on forever. . .

Dumb Cat!

In the end I have decided that the exterior door is tooooo yellow so I will need to re-do it. . .

okay, "need" might be a little strong
but I most certainly WANT to re-do it. . . 
I don't much care for the color, I mean . . . it's simply too yellow!

but that will be a project for another day.

I’m glad you stopped in to share in my journey today . . .

I'm always glad you stopped in!



  1. Wow, quite the adventure. Good thing u have a way of seeing the humor in most things:)

  2. You know, when you take a fall anyone watching becomes a judge and should give you a score, points are given for how spectacular, arm flailing and a witty remark at the end.

    A little late now but when our basement flooded and wedding pictures got mudded I rinsed them off with water one by one and set them on a flat surface to dry. Nearly every flat surface was covered but the pictures were saved. Water usually will not harm pictures developed the old fashioned way, (developer, stopper, fixer and rinse) The final part is remove any chemical residue with good old water. Do not scrub the image.

    Glad you are doing better.

  3. You do ride with a nice bunch, many of whom I've seen crash. We all do it. I'm just glad you are ok:)