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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Caribbean Truffle

If you like the flavor of citrus, but not the mouth puckering tang as some citrus deserts give then the Caribbean Truffle, one of my favs, is a perfect treat to try!


There are a lot of steps, but it is pretty easy to make. . . .


oh, and you will use several bowls. . .

5 + the food processor to be exact

sorry, but sometimes good things are worth doing dishes for!

. . . BUT so worth it!!!!

                        This stuff is scrumptious. . . 


I could easily consume and entire pan by my lonesome in a single day. . .

That’s how good it is

The first thing to start with is the streusel:

you can easily make this a few days in advance. . .

using one of your bowls, mix the streusel together. 

Simply put the flour, sugar and butter in one of your bowls.  

Then using a pastry cutter or similar device. . . a fork and knife will do the trick . . . smash and blend until the cold butter is in small little pea size little balls.

                                                                  then stir in the coconut


Now spread out onto cookie sheet that has been lined with parchment paper


Toast in oven, checking every minute

did I remind you to check and stir every minute for 7-8 minutes?

okay, now check and stir this mixture every 60 seconds until light and toasty brown. . .
I cannot tell you how many batches of streusel I have burned because I have forgotten to check it every 60 seconds or so. . .

in other words, this series of little steps is very important. . .

             Bake . . . . 60 seconds

check & stir . . . 1 min

                                    check & stir . . . another 60 seconds! 

                                              check & stir . . .60 seconds. . .

                   check and stir . . . 1 more minute. . .

. . . check again and stir

after another minute. . . check again and. . . 

okay, it should be done about now
perfectly golden brown, slightly crunchy streusel topping. . .

yum yum


remove from oven create a slide by bringing the parchment paper edges together and  pour the streusel in a bowl.  


Set it aside

you will use this at the very end for a garnish 

This will make more than you need, you can store the left overs in a baggie and use it as a topping for other things like oatmeal, or cake or homemade pop-tarts. . . or whatever your imagination comes up with

Next UP:
the Graham Cracker Crust . . .


begin with 1 package of graham crackers

I know these look like they were on a week long backpacking trip,
they look kind of scary, but I did this on purpose . . .

I typically start them out in the package by breaking them up just a little


The easiest way to make graham cracker crust is to use a food processor,

if you don’t have one of these handy kitchen accessories, put your grahams in a gallon size baggie and crush/roll them with a rolling pin until they are fine crumbles

or you can buy graham crackers already crumbed, 

. . . is "crumbed" an actual word???

i tink it is today

. . . but they are more expensive that way.


Add the sugar and drizzle with melted butter


turn on and mix until you have a crumby buttery mixture like this. . . .

. . . yum!


now spread into the bottom of your pan


using the palm of your hand press and compress the graham crust flat 


sprinkle with coconut, and lightly press again


bake in oven for about 7-8 minutes. . .
the coconut will turn golden brown, and the crust becomes firm and crunchy as it cools.  

. . . set aside for now


using one of your bowls measure out your white chocolate chips

. . . set these aside


Put the cream cheese in another bowl


with an electric mixer, beat until smooth and creamy

. . . set this aside for right now too


zest your lime

set the zest aside for just a few minutes. . .


in a medium sauce pan add


one small package (2.9 oz) cook & Serve Lemon pudding mix


Let me repeat this,  it is very important



dump the cook-&-serve lemon pudding mix into your sauce pan and pour in the sugar


squeeze the lime juice from the zested lime right into your pan
along with the juice from one more lime

I’m sure you see the bits of tomato and avocado in the background. . . don’t worry you won’t need those ingredients today!  

Please Forgive me. . . this picture is from the summer salsa post a couple of weeks ago, I'm re-using it because I didn't get another picture of lime squeezing

DSC01771 DSC01770

I’m not sure why, but I love the bright flavor and color of citrus fruits . . . I just do!


add in the egg yolks


whisk in the water and cook over medium heat until the mixture comes to a full boil


meaning it will bubble even while stirring

It’s sort of difficult to take a picture of bubbling pudding, but this will have to do

doesn’t this look soooooo yummy already
and we aren’t finished yet!


once it boils while stirring remove from the heat and stir in the lime zest


now. . .  add 1/2 cup  HOT  pudding to the white chocolate chips


I recommend using a fork over a whisk for this, I just think it’s easier. . .

but then again, the basic kitchen fork is one of my most used tools in the kitchen!

                      does that make me a little strange?

. . . not that it matters

. . . I would still use a fork!


you will end up with a big gloppy, slimy, gluey looking mixture

But it’s yummy . . . I Promise!


Now combine the chocolate chip mixture to the cream cheese 

. . . you may use your electric mixer to make mixing this part together easier

stir the sour cream into the remaining pudding mixture

you will have two separate bowls of yummy concoctions. . .
  1. the first is the cream cheese/white chocolate chip part
  2. second is the pudding and sour cream part

    . . . just keep them separate, and you will do just fine!


Now, using a small angled spatula
very gently spread the white chocolate chip/cream cheese
mixture on top of the graham cracker crust

Be careful not to spread back and forth but spread gently from the center 
 toward the corners so you don’t pull up the crust

once the edges are sealed in with the chocolate chip mixture. . .


gently spread the pudding/sour cream mixture on top

see those beautiful specks of lime zest? 

mmmmmm, it hard to wait for this to chill for a couple of hours!


your pan will be filled to the brim

mmmmmm . . . .

Only 2+ hours to scrumptiousness meeting taste buds!




patiently wait

almost there

2 hours later

Now that your Caribbean Truffle is chilled,
it is ready for the final touches. . .

I typically cut mine into squares advance so
it is easier to serve when you take it somewhere

First lightly sprinkle your streusel on top. . .

remember you will have extra and that's okay!

this is the stuff we toasted in the oven for about 6-7 minutes at the very beginning,

. . . it should be sitting in a bowl or baggie somewhere in your kitchen

you may notice there is no picture for this. . .

so just do as I say here, not as I show


. . . so relieved we had that little discussion

now that you have sprinkled the streusel on top make the whipping cream:

you will need three basic ingredients for the whipped cream:

DSC01969 DSC01967 DSC01971
super fine sugar
real whipping cream

  • I don’t recommend vanilla bean paste here, I prefer a soft white. . . without specks whipping cream for this dessert.
  • Superfine sugar is ideal for whipping cream as a topping. . . it dissolves almost instantly and therefore will never leave that gritty texture that is sometimes left behind when using regular sugar.  Also because it dissolves instantly, it reduces the chance of getting your cream too sweet for those of you who prematurely give it a taste test to make sure it is “just right”
  • use pasteurized whipping cream.  the old style is thicker and produces a creamier texture.  If you use the ultra-pasteurized type it leaves behind a little bit of a burnt taste and doesn’t whip quite as well, due to the high temperatures they use to give it the “ultra pasteurized” title. . . not necessarily better in this case.


whip with an electric mixer until soft and creamy but will hold it’s shape. . .


Put a large star tip inside a pastry bag. . . disposable bags work just fine.  You can even use a baggie if you don’t have a pastry bag around.  They are a little messier, but it will work

if using a baggie, cut off one corner and put your tip in, the rest will essentially be the same.

a common question I get asked is how do you fill a pastry bag without getting

EVERYTHING . . .    

                       all messy?

well, I will tell you:


fold over the top of the bag around your hand


using a spoon or rubber scraper, scoop in your cream


pinch the bag over your spoon or rubber scraper and pull out the spoon

DSC01984 DSC01985

now unfold the cuff, and twist the bag, this will keep all the yummy stuff in the bag where you want it and not all over your hand!

Hold the bag around the twist and gently squeeze, applying even pressure and pipe out a circular little dollop of cream, like you would if you were making an ice-cream cone from a soft serve machine. . . 

As the cream empties out of the bag lower where the twist is and repeat . . .

super easy!

                               pretty simple

                                      AND. . . not very messy!


Now, pipe a circle of cream on each square of Caribbean Truffle

cut super thin quarter slices of lime for a garnish

If you want, you can super lightly sprinkle a tiny bit of streusel on top of the cream dollops


If you are serving this pre-plated and you have the time 
drizzle your plate with raspberry sauce


                                              then. . . .

add a raspberry for that little extra touch of color


or. . . just serve it this way
I promise you will not have any complaints
This stuff is delish! . . . so worth all those dirty bowls!!!

Thanks for stopping in and visiting with me today!

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I hope you enjoy your dessert!

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