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Monday, June 4, 2012

Little Red Riding Hood. . .


This marks the third organized ride for me this year and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed this season of cycling more than I ever have before!  The first event was Front Runner, an early spring ride from SLC, to Ogden, then the idea was to take the Front Runner back to the starting point. . . Goldilocks, was next which was in Herriman,  Goldilocks was a wonderful ride and I will probably plan on doing it again.  I didn’t post ride because I had forgotten my camera and so didn’t have any pictures to show and tell about my adventure.  

The blog is just plain ol bleh without pictures, so I decided not to worry about it.


3,500 women registered for this ride, and was filled to capacity in under 2 hours!
These cars are all here for Little Red Riding Hood!

We begin in Lewiston, a very small farming community in the country

. DSC01813

okay. . .

one thing that makes organized rides so much fun are the little signs of
encouragement along the way!

I missed a picture of my favorite sign of the day, it was hastily made on poster-board and attached to a reflector post with a red zip-tie,

"Caution. . . dead skunk on road!" 
it had scribbled thing, I think representing the skunk, with an arrow pointing the way
It was one of those things that made me laugh, and right now,
 I am sad I didn't take the time to get a pic of it.

I think the reason I have enjoyed this season so much is due to a few simple factors:
  1. partly because I decided to get a coach and he has helped me build in strength and endurance. . . and
  2. because of Coach, I began training in December so I am further ahead overall. . .
  3. I have been able to arrange my work schedule so that I have been on almost every WNR (Wednesday Night Ride), with the Joyride group this year.

these factors have paid off in HUGE dividends. . .

.  . . between coach and the group, I work harder than I ever have before. . .

so thus I am gaining endurance and getting faster!

Both factors are good things!

Faster is fun, 
I can keep up with other cyclists, 
rather than asking myself how they are able to do that.

. . .I know, I’m rambling and this is probably just

. . . more BORING stuff

another thing that makes organized rides so great is nutrition along the way!
I have discovered that one of my favorite foods is PBJ’s!
(Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches)

These are in the top five list for best riding food!  


I can’t believe I didn’t get a picture of the tub of PBJ’s. . .   

. . . you can sort of see them next to the fruit

oh well. . . 

Note to self: 
put PBJ’s on the list of must
get pics for the next ride!

mmmmm. . . 

love a PBJ on a ride,
almost as much as my chocolate milk when I get home!

Nutrition is very specific to an individual and what works for me may not work for you! 
Bananas are a great example. . . 

bananas for me. . . bad, bad, bad, not a good idea!

there is something about bananas that just don't sit well in my tummy during a workout . . . 

I learned this from experience. . . the hard, uncomfortable way!

Others would be devastated if they didn’t get a banana!

Organized events have regular rest stops, about every 20ish miles and there they have a variety of snacks and food for participants

foods such as

fresh fruit: including
oranges, bananas, grapes and cantaloupe (my personal fav)

PBJ’s . . .  yum

trail mix
granola bars
fruit snacks
energy/electrolyte drinks

more than enough to keep a cyclist going and motivated to get to the next stop!


I stocked up a bit
(notice there is no picture of the loaded pockets of my jersey. . . )

The problem is, when fruit snacks get hot and bake in the sun. . .


They do this. . . not so good to eat anymore!

even the packaging glue melts. . . ugh. . .

I have always played this little game and counted how many people I have been able to pass.

. . . and if they were on mountain bikes it counted!

This year, there have been too many to count

and . . . 

. . . mountain bikes no longer count

In case you are wondering why mountain bikes no longer count it’s because 
they aren’t in the same category. . . 

. . . only when you are slow and need motivation!

It worked for me. . . I needed it!

mountain bike -vs- road bike   =   tractor -vs- car


so the counting game is over. . . but it is fun to pull of front and have 14 people behind you thinking . . . this is awesome!

it’s great to be up toward the front and keep a steady cadence/pace

it’s great to be able to sit at the back of a pace line and feel like you are actually resting rather than hanging on for dear life,

dreading when you do finally get up front for your turn to pull. . .

I pulled way back to get this picture as I was riding with this group, there were a small group splintering off as they were in the “barely able to hang on” category. . .

me, I actually had enough energy to power back up 
near the front and “reclaim” my spot in the line. . .

Since I have NEVER been able to do that before. . . it was totally amazing!

this pace line was moving at about 2o-21 mph at this point, not only was I able maintain the momentum, but was able to get pictures too!

anyway . . . enough gloating about myself and . . . back to “Little Red”

. . . seriously, my helmet still needs to fit over my head!


and while this was a great ride, I still have a lot of work to do to meet my goals and objectives for LOTOJA in September!

it’s simple enough . . .

It’s was just an absolute pleasure to ride my bike today!


and I met new friends in the process

The tandem pair was a mom and her 14 year old daughter. . . they were tough!

the other three (one is hidden) were known today as the “tutu” girls
 It was great riding with them, they helped keep me motivated

There were a couple of not so great moments for today’s ride:
  • first Angela and I got separated. . . that made me sad
  • second, it rained just a bit. . . I HATE riding in the rain!  But it quickly cleared up, then it got HOT!

  • third, when I turned around to find the PBJ stash at lunch, I lost my group and had to eat lunch alone Sad smile. . . that was sad. . . and kind of lonely. . .

  • fourth, one of the tutu girls accidentally left their helmet at the lunch stop. . . oops!
The lack of helmet discovery was made approx. 2-3 miles out from the lunch stop.  As a group we decided to have the tandem pair, who hadn’t quite left lunch, to bring it to us. . . mistake. . .
  • we assumed they were leaving at that point. . . mistake
  • rather than just sit and wait, we would soft pedal so we could at least go forward. . . mistake
  • 32 minutes later we had the helmet and went speedily on our way. . . good!  We ended up passing almost everyone who we watched ride by as we were waiting for the helmet.

 coming back from the turn around, we are on the home stretch.  I saw some women taking this same picture on the way into Idaho, and decided to stop and use their fun idea!

Only 20 more miles to the finish!


It was great to finish the ride with my new friends, Annie, Barb, and Jenny, also known as the “tutu” girls!

I would not have done as well if they had not allowed me to hang with them!

next year I may need to find myself a tutu, 

Ladies, how would you feel about adding baskets and tiaras too?


left over’s from the ride. . .

since I always get a little nauseous when I eat too much at lunch, I opted for my fav of a PBJ and waited for the subway sandwich and cookie until after the ride

the Cheetos, well I ate those at lunch. . . 

. . . and yup,  they were tasty!


At the finish line they treated us to my absolute favorite food in the whole world


can you think of a better, more yummy treat than that?
It was even Vanilla! 


with plenty of messy fixin’s to dress it up

They had strawberry ice-cream too, . . . 

but. . . 


I couldn’t turn down Vanilla frozen goodness! . .  .

. . . soooo good!

who is counting calories???  

this is the healthy low fat stuff!  

seriously, I’m pretty sure of that!

Besides. . . 

I used up 4753 calories today, I can afford this!

I can justify and rationalize ice-cream anytime, 

but it was pretty easy today. . .

mmmm. . . . I  was in heaven. . .

. . . honestly, it was a wonderful day!

now it’s your turn to do something YOU think is amazing

. . . plan. . . prepare. . . persistence . . . SUCCESS!

It's important to realize it took me 6 years to get here today

Little Red was my very first century I attempted. . . the year was 2006 and it took over 9.5 hours to complete, I was burnt to a crisp, barely able to maintain 7 mph by the finish and never wanting to see my bike again!

  compared to just over 5 hours ride time today. . . 

. . . feeling like I wanted to do this again!

It’s been an amazing journey, life is wonderful, and I am so blessed

Life truly is "a sum of our choices"

I'm so glad you stopped in and shared my day with me!


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