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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Salsa

This is one of the recipes that I featured in my Picnic Classics Class at Kitchen Kneads in May.

This is a super easy, fast to put together, and exceptionally yummy!

This is not a hot spicy salsa but no one ever complains. . . and the bowl comes back empty, , whenever this item is taken to any function regardless of how many are present, empty to the point of not even a bean or mouse size bit of tomato is left over

What you need for Summer Salsa:


Drain and rinse beans

DSC01852 - Copy

dump into bowl


wash 8 Roma Tomatoes


a Roma Tomato is different than a slicing tomato
it is more oval in shape has fewer seeds and doesn’t have as much juice inside,  in other words, it’s “meatier”  making it the preferred choice for things like salsa and tomato sauce and catsup, and items like that


This little gadget is awesome!

the official name for this little tool is a “strawberry huller” but it works for tomatoes too!
of course you could use a knife to remove all these little stems, but the strawberry tool is soooooo much easier, convenient, and less messy. . . so why not go that route?


remove all the stems from your tomatoes

DSC01855 - Copy

The best knife, my favorite knife, to use for cutting tomatoes is one with a serrated edge, like a bread knife.  The finer the blade and serration the better it works.


cut up your tomatoes into salsa size chunks


put them into the bowl with your beans

Next up:

                                                     The avocado


begin by cutting lengthwise around the entire fruit


then take both halves in your hand and simply “twist” 
in opposite directions so they come apart,


 you now will have two separate halves. . . super easy

this one is a little over ripe and so there are a couple of spots that need to be trimmed out, and don’t forget to look for any stem at the tip.


now, use your knife and cut or whack the knife into the pit and with the
littlest bit of a twist it will come right out.


with the outer skin still attached cut your avocado how you want it

I want small bites of avocado so that is how I cut it.
don’t cut THROUGH the skin, only till you touch the inside with your knife


now take a basic spoon,  the kind you use to eat oatmeal or cereal with and scoop out the wonderful goodness, otherwise known as avocado


Isn’t this great!

I love avocados, one of my favorite things to eat

. . . and they are super healthy for you too!


just for fun I cut some into slices, so you could see that this method works for slices too, or you can take the entire thing out uncut if you want. . . the spoon trick works for what ever shape you want the green goodness to come out. . . 

cut & scoop


. . .  put green goodness into bowl with tomatoes and beans


now for the lime. . . 

DSC01769 DSC01770

if you don’t have a citrus press, and you enjoy cooking with fresh citrus, it is an investment worth looking into. . .


regardless of which tool you are using for your limes, squeeze the juice right into the bowl over the top of the avocado, tomatoes, and beans

yum. . . yum. . . yum


now cut up your green onions,
also known as a Scallions, spring onions, salad onions, green shallots, onion sticks, long onions, baby onions, precious onions, and yard onions. . . 

just in case you didn’t already know that

(for any new peeps reading blogs, if you place your mouse over highlighted text and click, it will take you to that page. . . isn’t it magically wonderful and exciting)


If desired you can cut up an Anaheim pepper pepper and add it to your salsa:

but I rarely do
. . . now, onward to the cilantro,
or if you prefer parsley works fine too:

DSC01863 - Copy

this is a neat trick I learned while teaching class. . .
I love learning new tricks that make life easier in the kitchen!

when cutting up your cilantro (or parsley) use whatever makes you happy. . . 

the optimal outcome is the leaves, and NOT the stems, so take a basic kitchen fork, yup, the kind you would use to eat pancakes or spaghetti, hold it backwards, 

poke it down over the stems . . .


and drag or rake across the leaves and just like raking, the leaves come off! 


Perfect. . .

. . . leaves and stems are now separated!


Then you can cut them up how you want!


Put them into the bowl with everything else.


okay, now open your frozen corn and . . .

. . . you guessed it


dump into your bowl with everything else!

does it get any easier????

nope. . . not much

Now you only need to add the seasonings. . .


As a rule I don’t typically like or care to use recipes that come from pre-packaged ingredients, because
  • First, what if they quit making the item you need? 
  • Second, I cook so I know what goes into the food I eat. . . 
  • Third, what if you Live somewhere like Colorado or Iowa and they don’t have Zesty Herb. . . the dilemma continues to grow

But Summer Salsa is one of those exceptions. . .

the original recipe calls for Fajita Seasoning,
which I was always able to find, until now. . .

Case in point. . . can’t find original stuff!

Now I have a dilemma. . . it took me 10 minutes to decide which package to substitute. . . the entire time hoping I made a good choice!

DSC01910 DSC01911

so onto plan B. . . I’ve never used the red package of Fajita seasoning, but if it’s anything like this particular brand of taco seasoning in the matching red package, it will be. . . 

             too strong. . .

. . . or in other words

. . . Caution:  personal opinion only. . . YUCK!


I don’t like yucky food and determined I would not take a chance on the red package so I selected the Grill Mates variety that I’m used to and decided to try out the “Zesty Herb”  Then a second time we tried the Mojito Lime. . . both were super yummy. . . just pick what looks good to you and. . .

. . . Pour it into the bowl with all the other ingredients

The logic behind my decision was this:  

Grill Mates the spices aren’t ground to an unidentifiable powder, like the red taco stuff and I like that quite a bit better.  Great blend of flavors but not pasty. . . okay so I don’t know if I did the description justice or not, but I tried. . . do what makes your taste buds happy. . . that’s the most important thing here!

Whew. . . in the end. . . SUCCESS!

it was just as yummy as the original Grill Mates Fajita seasoning


Now for the final touch. . .

add in the salad dressing. . .


yup, it’s that easy!  just pour on 1/3 to 1/2 of the bottle . . .

you got it. . .

. . . over everything else!

You want enough to moisten everything, but not so much that the tomatoes marinating and floating in the bottom of the bowl, the purpose of the dressing is for a small amount of moisture and flavor, keep in mind as your corn thaws it will also create moisture.


Now, using a large spoon gently mix it all together.  I say gently because you don’t want to smash your beans or avocados, or tomatoes!


I try to eat pretty healthy. . . most of the time. . . avoiding preservatives and my newest addition to the “avoid this” list are items made with trans-fats.  As for the elimination of trans-fat crusade, This one is safe, the preservatives. . .  obviously not so much.

DSC01809 - Copy

Don’t worry about the avocado’s turning brown,  they will keep just fine for a couple of days.  I saved some salsa just to show you. . .

this little bowl has been in the fridge for 3 days!  
and as you can see the avocado looks just fine. . .

The salsa is best made in the morning or the day before, allowing the corn to thaw and the flavors a chance to blend together.


. . . get some chips. . . and. . . enjoy! 

As always. . .

just click  this little button to print the recipe for your self!

Thanks for for stopping in!
hope you’re having a great week!


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  1. I made the salsa you posted on your blog today for lunch and I LOVED it! So good. Hubby and the boys liked it too so that's always a good thing. It sounds like you are doing so good in your training and you are stronger and on your way to having a great year.