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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Rockwell Relay’s Pamperfest

                                           A bike relay for women. . .

If you have stumbled onto this today, Welcome!  

I did not post this on facebook because it is sort of an experiment before we go public, while we work the bugs out.

The team name we have selected for ourselves is kind of fun:

“Peddli’n skinny and long”
(skinny tires, long roads. . . just in case you were wondering!)

Hey, we liked it. . .

so laugh if you want,
we don’t mind,
we are planning to have a great time!

For more information on this event you may visit their website here: 

This a women’s relay race/ride that I am doing for the first time, and have been pretty excited about it since registering in February!

You may be asking why I am posting this BEFORE the ride is over. . .

Well, I will explain:

The Genius and I  have been playing with tracking options so those of you who would like to follow my progress during LOTOJA. . . which is only 8 weeks away! . . . can do just that!

Wow that’s coming fast!

                         My Pamperfest team mate and friend, Linda, is rider #1,

                                       which leaves me to be rider #2,

that translates to: I will be riding all of the even legs

                     Anyway. . .

there area couple different tracking options that allow us to directly post into da blog that we have been considering but one doesn't seem to work very well, the other we are helping Glympse with beta testing. . . kind of cool stuff there!

It kind of makes me feel all special to be part of a beta test!

Glympse so far is the best option, but has a couple of limitations, one being that expires and needs to be re-tweeted every 4 hours or less, so now it's up to me to remember to do just that.  For this ride it shouldn't be very difficult, I will just stop and re-start after each leg.

For LOTOJA, my support crew will have to help me remember!

whew, pass on responsibility, sometimes it just works better that way. . .

This is the map of the ride, showing each different leg. 
There are eight legs and I will ride the even numbers.

this is an elevation overview

Leg 2 Details
24.0 Miles
Start Elevation: 
4,928 Feet
Total Ascent: 
1,646 Feet
Total Descent: 
-1,511 Feet
High Point: 
6,056 Feet
Leg 4 Details
14.5 Miles
Start Elevation: 
5,367 Feet
Total Ascent: 
654 Feet
Total Descent: 
-247 Feet
High Point: 
5,774 Feet
Leg 6 Details
23.8 Miles
Start Elevation: 
6,460 Feet
Total Ascent: 
1,091 Feet
Total Descent: 
-1,091 Feet
High Point: 
7,443 Feet
Leg 8 Details
19.5 Miles
Start Elevation: 
5,591 Feet
Total Ascent: 
1,193 Feet
Total Descent: 
-1,153 Feet
High Point: 

. . . and here is a summary of each of my legs

Now for the Glympse tracking map, it will be active when I start riding:

Please let us know what you think, comments are, as always, VERY welcome

To be continued. . . .

                                                                               . . . after the event!

As always, it's been fun to share our journey with you


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