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Sunday, July 8, 2012

a weekend of bears!

a cute sweet friend of mine turned 8 this week!

All birthdays are special and should be celebrated as such. . . but #8 is extra special, as it is also the age you get baptized!

knowing that this special day was approaching, I had decided to do something for my young friend.  I dusted off the sewing machine and serger. . .


I visited the local fabric store and purchased a small amount of the cutest fabric I could find and prepared myself to make a pattern for sleepers and a dress for . . .


. . . Build-A-Bear!

My own Build-A-Bear story ~ ~ ~

I had never heard of build-a-bear before, but when I began working at our local thrift store (know around these parts as the D.I.) a cute little bear came in as a donation and I thought to myself,
     “that sure is a cute little bear” !  

Someday I am going to have a grandbaby and that baby just might like a cute little bear like this. . .

so I bought it.
brought it home
and it’s been sitting on my bed ever since

My little bear sort of reminds me of one of my favorite childhood stories, “Corduroy”
a little story about a bear who lost a button to his overalls

this particular little bear has been sitting on my bed for almost 4 years now, and it finally found deeper appreciation from me!

See my young friend, who just turned 8, LOVES Build-A-Bear!  So my little bear was recruited as model, test wearing, and measurements for new clothes.


I pulled out the craft paper, ruler, pencils, thinking cap, and got busy measuring that bear and the outfit he came with to begin creating a pattern. . .

I was happily tinkering away at this project when the family called and asked if I would please make her a cake. . .

                                        Of course I said


The request did put a halt to bear clothing production, as the family was unaware I was embarking on such a project, I decided to finish the clothes AFTER finishing the cake.

                      In the end this is what I came up with ~ ~ ~ 

 not my best work, but overall I think it’s pretty cute

it’s been a long time since I’ve done a cake and it sounded like fun.  Their only request was that it needed to first:

taste good. . .

not much of a problem there, as I try to only make things that taste good!

second:  Pink.  it needed to be pink

I must admit, it was fun to create this!  My skills are most definitely rusty and it took a while to get into cake deco mode I needed, but I had special help with this particular cake and the idea just came to me!

I was originally going to do a hiking bear, but it didn’t work out too swell.  However, the inspiration received for the final product was spot on!

. . . A ballerina bear!

this young lady is a dancer, and she loves bears, and pink is her favorite color. . . What could an 8 year old want more than a bear cake. . .  that filled ALL three of those requirements!

After the cake was complete, I continued forward with my first project . . . clothes for a bear!


Every bear needs a cute summer dress!


And WHO would be able to resist these DARLING sleepers??? 

All soft and cuddly, ready for bed!

I had so much fun with this, it’s been a VERY long time since I’ve created little girl stuff, and girl stuff is soooo cute and fun to create. . . it’s not quite the same for little boys!

Little boys like trucks and bugs, which is fine, in fact it’s great,

. . . but 

who can resist ruffles & ribbons & bows & pink & purple & cute little flowers & ladybugs?  . . . and on ~ ~ and on ~ ~ ~ and on  These are just plain cute & sweet!


Our little Oreo came to visit this weekend too!  

He has outgrown the laundry basket this was a short 5 weeks ago!

 so we pulled out the large suitcase and he fit just right!

It’s becoming evident that I need to invest in something a little more baby like for when he comes visiting. . .


This is my favorite, just for fun, before wrapping our little package, we put on the Build-a-Bear’s sunglasses for our little Oreo to model

isn’t he sooooo cute!
We sure do love this little guy!

 . . . . shhhh, don’t tell him they are GIRL bear glasses!. . . . .


Outfits for a bear. . .

all wrapped up in cute paper sporting a pretty purple bow and pretty pink curly streamers!

As always. . . thanks for visiting with me today!


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  1. Amazing! All the fun ideas you come up with just amaze me! I hope your friend's birthday present was a hit. Thanks for sharing.