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Monday, November 26, 2012

Rockwell Relay’s Pamperfest. . . ride report 2012

A bike relay for women. . .

DSC02231_thumb[1] DSC02232_thumb[2]

I know this ride/race was in July, and yes I am fully aware that November is almost over. . . Seriously. . . December will be here in just 4 more days!

you may have seen the post telling about the race before it happened in July, as we were testing live-tracking.

If you would like to see the maps and elevation charts you can check it all out in the original post!  Pamperfest covered a total of 180 miles beginning at Snow Basin and ending in Park City.


But I’ve been sort of busy, and just a teensy, weensy distracted 
this past couple of months. . . 


. . . okay, you win

I admit it’s been several months!  but I have a lot of catching up to do. . . 

come on. . . give me a break. . .  

whew . . . I knew  we were friends

. . . . thanx friend!


My friend Linda and I at the start line. . . Snow Basin
with absolutely beautiful scenery!

 I think I will add spending a couple of days here to my bucket list of

"I would like to do that". . . 

simply to enjoy the peaceful, beautiful scenery


these are all the goodies in our registration packet!
I can tell this is going to be fun!

We lost our flag. . .  Sad smile  sad day!  

It blew off the window, when I rolled it down to get a picture of something else. . .

I'm still mourning its loss. . .


Fresh Watermelon is a favorite treat after a hard ride. . . 

we took a whole container big baggie full of this red deliciousness with us.


This is our cooler full of good food. . .

we get plenty hungry when riding a bike for 80 miles. . .

but we didn’t quite get hungry enough, we had tons of leftovers!

. . . but we are ready to go!


Early Morning Registration . . . 

you can feel the energy in the air at events like this. . .

it’s this amazing energy that makes me want to keep joining up!


I just thought this was gorgeous, so I took a picture!


a not so great picture of me by a giant moose statue
This is one of those moments when I wish I was more naturally photogenic. . .

you know the type, no matter what they have or haven’t been doing they always look amazing. . . well, it’s obvious that’s not me!

DSC02167_thumb7 DSC02168_thumb7 DSC02169_thumb10

These are the leg queue cards with directions and stats for that leg.

Pamperfest was a blast!  there are eight legs total divided between 2 or 4 cyclists
We choose the 2 cyclist option

We were both preparing for LOTOJA (that post is coming soon. . . I Promise) so 80 miles for each of us is pretty easy.

The hardest part is that you cool down, relax while driving to the next exchange, then you have to get pumped up to ride again.


I was driving here, but this young man used to work where I work and participated in the
Special Olympics in Greece. . . riding his bike!  So it was pretty cool to see him helping out directing traffic and cyclists.


It’s always fun to see your friend doing so well in a pack!

                                                                                                     HI Linda!


My kids make fun of my van. . .

Mom’s big ugly van” is what they call it. . .

I love my minivan and it has served me well on MULTIPLE Occasions
when it dies, I am planning to replace it with. . . 

                                                           . . . yup you guessed it

. . . another minivan!

. . . next time I might get red or silver though


At each exchange the cyclist riding passes on the wrist band to the waiting cyclist and off they go. . . Linda and I didn’t do so swell on exchanges and learned a lot this year on the logistics of exchanges

. . . next year we will do better!

DSC02192_thumb7 DSC02193_thumb2

They have directions marking the way for drivers and for cyclists. . .

. . . it’s pretty tough to get lost along the route




This is me. . . such great form. . .

. . . it’s okay. . . you can laugh with me if you want. . . 

                                                    I actually have some work to do. . .

I know . . . a LOT of work !


check out this scenery . . .


It’s been a very dry year and the water levels in the reservoirs are very revealing with how much rain we haven’t had this year


more beautiful scenery from along the 160 mile route!


We were our own drivers and were concerned that we wouldn’t be able to find where the van was parked so we brought along this little balloon to assist in van relocation efforts!  It turns out that this event wasn’t as big as we initially thought but we used it anyway, just for fun!

While we did just fine driving ourselves it would have been more fun to have other peeps with us along the way.  Next year we will either team up with another team of two and travel together or try and talk our men into coming with us for moral support

either solution would double the fun. . .

. . . sort of like double stick gum!

the way we did it meant we were solo the entire time, and it got a little lonely while driving from exchange to exchange.


check out these clouds. . . I think there is a storm moving in. . .


my delicious salad!
oops! . . .  I forgot a fork. . . no spoon. . .


At this exchange they had skewers to poke into strawberries then into chocolate or other yummy dipping toppings, so I snagged a couple and somehow ate my tossed salad with them

let me just say that eating a salad with a couple of skewers proved to be an interesting experience, particularly for me. . . honestly, I need training wheels when using chopsticks!

life is always an adventure!


This was my 3rd leg, Leg six.

It was obvious a storm was brewing!
The clouds were moving in FAST

The wind began blowing at a pretty good clip and it was beginning to lightly rain


It quickly became my objective to get back as quickly as possible

. . . I HATE riding in the rain. 

When I got back it had calmed and we thought that
possibly it would stay where it was at. . .

So off Linda went

                                                                      . . . Then it hit!!!

It was raining so hard that the windshield wipers couldn’t keep up!
I became very concerned for my friend Linda and immediately ventured off to find her!
The rain was out of control and the roads were flooding
The wind and rain had knocked over a couple of signs and as a result. . .

yup . . .

                                                           . . . you guessed it

. . . I got lost!

I know, I get lost when I know where I am going, but it did help that I was not alone. . .

I was lost with a couple of other poor souls too

I feel better when I’m not alone!


It turns out Linda survived!


She flatted and had to repair that. . . in the torrential rain. . . oops!

Linda, poor Linda. . .

                                                                    . . . I failed you!

I still feel bad about that

she got to exchange 7 just before I did and was DRENCHED!

But notice how happy she looks!


This was the final leg into Park City, the rain has gone away for the most part, but it remained cloudy and kind of chilly


Thanks to good friends!  Linda loaned me her jacket
everything is still wet, chilly, and very grey from the storm


I have no idea how long these two young ladies had been here, but they sure brightened my day. . .   They were there to cheer us on!


At the finish line. . .


they offered free massages. . .


and fresh BBQ Hamburgers! 
We were hungry and it was kind of cold so we didn’t object to food!

I wish I looked as fresh and amazing as my friend!

DSC02245_thumb[2] DSC02246_thumb[9]

I feel like I looked more like my bike after a wet ride. . . sort of ragged!


This was just a fun/funny little delivery truck that we found as we were leaving Park City/Heber and I wanted to share it with you!

In the end, this was a great ride one that I look forward to repeating
and now that it has been a couple of months, I'm sort of envious of Linda and her ride in the rain. . . I can only imagine the story I would have been able to tell about that!

MUCH more interesting than getting lost!!!

Have a wonderful day

I hope you had a wonderful, fantastic, and memorable summer

I certainly did!

and. . . thanks for stopping in!


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