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Friday, April 5, 2013

Finally. . .

He asked . . .

. . . and of course, I answered




and now after 22 years of single life. . .


yup. . .

                                              I am married

okay, before I say anything else. . . I am fully aware that my performance on posting on da blog has been dismal at best. . .

I was amazed at how much time dating, and even more specifically being engaged swallowed up. . . and literally EVERYTHING suffered. . . training, work, packing, diet and nutrition. . . you name it. . . but now that I am married and I am finally settling into a routine it is my objective to once again become consistent in posting here in da blog. . . happy day! I very much enjoy sharing my adventures with friends and I am so happy when you come along with me. 

But ask me if I would change any one thing. . .

                                                               . . . NOPE

I would do it all over again. . . just the way I did!

Well, maybe keep up on writing
I am sad I let that slip like I have

Some of the key events will still be posted such as Wildflower Pedalfest and LOTOJA along with a couple of others, then I will be back on track.

But I digress. . .

Now, allow me to introduce you to . . .


as he will be known around these parts

I'm sure you will agree that he is incredibly Handsome

                                    but most importantly. . .

to me, he is the most wonderful man in the universe. . . 

who tends to be a little bit goofy at moments

the man I now live with. . .

. . . and love with all my heart

a gentleman through and through, who makes me laugh and causes my heart to smile

honestly, my Superman is more to me than I could have ever dreamed of. . .

He treats me like a princess, is my teddy bear and keeps me warm

and I have no doubt that my heart is safe

       we do everything together . . .

laughing and having a wonderful time
driving to anywhere
temple visits

                                      . . . and look forward to sharing life together

Now we look forward to more of the above and adding adventures like
road trips

                                                       . . . and anything else we think of

he is truly wonderful and amazing. . . 

and in every imaginable way. . . 





                        . . . and

I have never been happier in my entire life!


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