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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Summer Fun . . . Oneida Narrows

This is the first post of catching up from the life of dating and being engaged and then

getting married. . . 

As I promise there are more catch-up posts coming!

The Oneida Narrows is a popular spot for summer fun, and I must say, has turned into one our favorite family activities


Because it is necessary to float down stream you need two cars. . . one is parked at the bottom of the river, and the other vehicle will need to take all the people and the floating toys to the point where you start floating. The river trip is approximately 2 miles long and will take about 1 1/2 hours

Next, you will need tubes or other sturdy floating apparatus

we have only used inner-tubes. . .


Whew, we are finally to the beginning and there is a short walk







                                                                                                                 to the river


 while the trail is SUPER short, this little jaunt down to the river is pretty steep

                          now. . .

it's time to get into the river!

I've never figured out why the first step is always the most difficult. . . .

even if you are excited to begin such a journey

but it always takes great courage to get that first big toe into the water!  I think the hesitation is that it tends to be a bit on the chilly side,

however . . . once there , it’s not too bad

the key is to stay submerged, once you have been splashed on and you have gotten all wet it isn’t too bad, in fact it feels pretty nice’ 

Even on a cool day.  

Last year when we did this same activity it was stinkin COLD but being in the water was warm.

but still, even knowing this tid-bit of factual trivia I still sort of dread that first little dip into the water

             Once in the river, we always start at the same time. . .
                  Ready. . .

                                                        Set - - - -


We are now floating down the river!
it’s important to all start at once because once you get separated. . .

 it can be a challenge to get caught up again. . . 
it’s simply more fun to begin all together.

I guess it doesn't matter much whether or not you all start together because while going down the river everyone gets separated to some degree along the way but it's nice to know that no one is trying to catch up to the group as we start out


After we get floating downstream, The river itself is pretty gentle and it’s a great time to sit back in your tube and just enjoy the experience, the scenery, conversation, and. . .

. . . to take pictures of your toes

There is something wonderful about red toes


this is where you sit back in your floating device and see where the current of the river takes you  . . .

it’s very relaxing and kind of fun

 However . . .

sometimes the current takes you where you don’t necessarily want to go. . .


when this happens that you must be prepared to paddle,

paddle H A R D with your arms. . .

that is how we steer away from obstacles that will potentially impale your floating device, and to avoid other potential disasters, as we continue with our journey down the river.

this does come with a warning though. . .

your arms. . .               

well, they get kind of tired after a while and then you get

                                                                                      . . .  “rubber rash”

rubber rash is sort of like a carpet burn only it happens more gradually and because you are having such a great time in the water you don’t realize it is happening until you are almost done. . .

not only do you realize that your arms are tired and stiff from all that paddling, but at the point where your arm bends. . . also known as the elbow sort of burns and is SUPER sore too!


this is the extent of the rapids. . . while tons of fun, they’re not even close to comparable to a white water rafting experience such as the Snake River or the Green River out of Flaming Gorge Dam . . .

you would NOT be able to go down those
rivers in a little tube like we were in. . .

at least not safely


As we lazily floated down the river we saw a variety of wildlife such as ducks and pelicans


Where the river was barely moving there was grass and weeds floating, sometimes this gets tangled in your hands while you are paddling, but once you realize that it’s just grass and not a fish or something that will try to eat you. . .

it’s something that you just paddle your way past and on down the river.


while enjoying the beautiful scenery. . .

you can see these three BIG ROCKS up stream. . .

this is the most treacherous spot of the entire trip!


not only is it the deepest part of the river, but it is also one of the swiftest places and these STUPID rocks like to eat your floating devices!!!

It was this very rock that impaled my tube last year. . . sad day

I ended up walking back to the car after the boy’s came back to rescue me and help me get out of the river.


. . . This is my best attempt at capturing a picture of the rapids,

just after the dreaded rocks that ate my floating device the previous summer.


this is the bridge that we crossed over on our way up-stream. . .


. . . and then the river mellows out again
at this point we just enjoy the remainder of our trip down stream until we reach the end of our journey to where our car is waiting. . .


As you arrive at your destination it is important to paddle to the edge

or you may end up wading to the shore like this person did. . .


Then it is equally important to hang onto your floating device. . . 


or you will end up swimming out to retrieve it before it is lost forever

This group of peeps used a float-boat as their flotation device. . .


After you exit the river, then at least two people drive up to get the first car while everyone else remains behind with the tubes and other belongings and begin to dry off in the warmth of the summer sunshine


AHHHH . . .

this little guy better known as “Nature’s Call” or the “Honey Bucket” was my salvation last year. . .

after the stupid rock attacked my tube and flattened it, I ended up walking back to the cars. . .

well, actually I got a ride from a family who had pity on me as I was walking back. . .

it was a cloudy day and it was pretty chilly

let me clarify that just a little. . . because I was wet, it was outright freezing! 
It amazes me what a person will do to meet a basic need of warmth. . .

if it means setting up shop in a port-a-potty!

Seriously. . . desperate times call for desperate measures!!!
fortunately for me. . . this one was one of the better smelling commodes. . . if that is possible

Anyway, on this particular day as I was being rescued from the rock that impaled my tube, I didn’t think about getting the car keys, and had no towel, or any other useful articles get myself dried off or to keep myself warm so. . .

I hid out in the Port-a-potty to keep from dying of the effects of hypothermia.

. . .  but that was last year

in the end we always have a great time floating the river and it is quickly becoming a summertime tradition

. . .  I hope you will take an afternoon and try it

maybe we will see you on the River

It is good to be back. . . thanks for joining me on our journey


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