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Monday, September 16, 2013

Re-cap of a VERY Busy Summer. . .

I’m sure some of you are wondering what has happened to da blog as of the past 6 months
well let me tell you. . . life has been a little busy and A LOT overwhelming!

as you are aware I married Superman in March. . .

then two weeks later Superman was life-flighted to the UofU Neurological Unit for a head injury that actually happened BEFORE we were married

In May . . . Just for Fun. . . we went on a “self guided” tour to look at houses which resulted in us making an offer on a home in Cache Valley! 
This decision added a two additional challenges in finding spare time to train and blog.

With the offer accepted we entered into a contract that we would. . .

1.  maintain a 1 1/4 acre lawn which included irrigating, trimming, raking and mowing,


  1. Plant and maintain a 50X120 garden spot that included planting, watering, and harvesting . . .
We planted:
  • Red Potatoes
  • Russets
  • Tomatoes . . .                                as in LOTS of tomatoes
  • cherry tomatoes,
  • sun sugar tomatoes
  • roma tomatoes
  • juicy tomatoes
  • cucumbers
  • Red & Green bell peppers
  • Zucchini
  • yellow squash

We had every intention of planting a bunch more stuff, but didn’t quite make it:
  • radishes
  • lettuce
  • green onions
  • beets
  • spinach
  • peas
  • carrots
  • pumpkins
  • That’s all I can remember from memory

To help us out, the original owners Planted:
  • Corn, Corn, Corn, Corn . . .  as in 16 rows of corn
  • beans, beans, beans
  • Winter squash
  • Cantaloupe

There were already raspberries, blackberries, a different kind of bush cherry (that I can’t remember the name of . . . but will tell you they are super YUMMY), asparagus, garlic, and strawberries 


and this list doesn’t include the 16 trees in the orchard!

3.  in addition to the above items we would also keep a 1 1/2 acre of Alfa-Alfa irrigated. . .

So throughout the summer we were traveling to Cache Valley 2-3 times a week to keep up with the above listed items. . . which swallowed LARGE volumes of time from an already full schedule!

In order to move we now needed to sell our Kaysville home by August 10, while I was still trying to get my River Heights home packed, emptied out and on the Market.


Selling a home by owner brought its own new experience of learning curves. . .

but that is a conversation for another day

If you are thinking about trying to sell a home by owner. . . and would like some pointers/tips of what we learned we will be happy to tell you all we know and how to avoid some of the eminent traps that are inevitable.

Side Note:  While my River Heights home is ALMOST . . . as in 95% empty,

it is still not sold

. . . rest assured we are working on that!

In June we fit in our family camping trip, perfectly timed with a chilly spell and we got plenty cold that night. . .  but can honestly say we had a wonderful time!

At this point we were even questioning the logic of doing the Rockwell Relay, but this was a team deal and we couldn’t let Doug & Linda down on this one so we decided to do our best and forge ahead. . . .

so grateful we did . .  . we had a blast!

Look for the full Rockwell Relay in the next couple of days. . .

We went to the Kaysville City 4th of July Parade and had fun
watching the ballerina ride in the “CrkrJak”


I wanted one of these so badly!  It was hot. . .

but I didn’t bring any money with me. . .

some days are just sad


It was delightful to see her have such a great time!


I discovered that the ONLY way to attend a parade is on a bicycle!
Easy to get around in a jiffy and if there is something you want to see again. . . just ride ahead and check it out. . . then when it’s all over there are no traffic jams to get stuck in!


Very clever. . . nice for a Chiropractor
carting around a skeleton on a tandem

This was one of my favs. . . I have always sort of liked Oscar the Grouch


This was just plain awesome!


then in July Superman’s daughter was married . . . so we were preparing for a wedding too


Making seven Brides maid dresses & sibling dresses


making treats for the reception


. . . And the wedding cake

After the Wedding. . .

We squeaked in a couple of rides. . .

first was the Antelope Island Midnight ride for fun. . .


The Antelope Island Midnight ride was a fun 24 mile ride that we turned into a 60 miler by riding from home.

. . . This was the buggiest, muggiest ride that I have ever done!
At least riding across the causeway . . .


Riding across the causeway, while adventurous at 10 pm at night was not the most pleasant.  once we got to the island and where the actual ride took place we were fine the weather was pleasant and had a lot of fun. . . so much fun that we are planning to take the Ballerina along with us next year.

This picture was taken a different day, but thought it was cool and so decided to add it here.


We did the Cache Gran Fondo. . . Superman’s first Century and second organized ride

. . . Isn’t he handsome!


While we had fun on this ride and it was much improved over last year, it took me an extra 40 minutes to complete it over last years time . . .

It was at this point I knew I was in BIG trouble for LOTOJA this year. . . 

not a good indicator of preparedness!


I remembered this fence from last year and decided to get a quick picture of it for fun. . .
I’ve decided that life is short and sometimes it’s a good thing to stop and enjoy the simple scenery in life. . . especially if it makes you smile

The Kaysville home sold on July 27

Just one little miracle in our lives. . .
again that is a story for a different day.

August was the Ultimate Challenge, which I completely failed


I HEAVILY debated whether or not to participate in the Ultimate Challenge that was scheduled two weeks prior to moving but decided that since I had paid for it I might as well at least try, and my good friend Linda was going to be riding with me so I felt much better about the attempt.

. . . I needed moral support for this!

Then Superman volunteered to run our own support too. . . between him and Linda we were able to make it almost to the top of Empire Pass In Park City. . . this is where we were walking our bikes at the tipsy top of Park City which was showing 14% grades . . .

This is where the clean up crew in the Penske Truck had pity on us and offered to give us a ride over the remaining 3/4 mile to summit of Park City and then up 6 miles to the top of Gaurdsman pass to the descent down Big Cottonwood . . .

Let me tell you these two young men earned their Angel wings that day. . . no bell required!

a true blessing that day and I knew the Lord was truly watching out for me.


Superman and I did a test run a couple of weeks prior to the actual ride and I knew it was going to be rough, and. . . it was a TOUGH RIDE! 

. . . which is why I needed a friend for moral support

The ride we did together was in many ways better than the actual event. . . go figure

The Ultimate Challenge begins at Snow Basin Ski resort, winds through Morgan, and Summit County, over Browns Pass, going through then up and over Park City, down the back side of Park City up Gaurdsman Pass to descend down Big Cottonwood Canyon and then back up Little Cottonwood Canyon to Snowbird Ski Resort.

all in all over 11,000 feet of climbing consistently going up 8%-14% grades with one small section to Guardsman pass of 21% grade all in 114 miles


This ride started out on a not so great wheel. . .

Linda forgot her GPS. . . and having your computer is deemed essential for a ride, especially one like this, and since we weren’t too far from home (less than 2 miles) we went to get it. . .

then I realized I didn’t have my jacket. . .

backtrack again. . . 

we were now twenty minutes behind schedule

then as were getting ready to ride. . .

my GPS died, literally died, as we were beginning. . .

the lines to the porta-potties were long. . .

. . . and so with all of that we got a 30 minute late start

Superman went home for a few things and snagged his GPS from the bumblebee (his bike) and gave it to me along the way which was a relief. . . 

I was so very grateful he let me use his puter as a back-up for the remainder of the season.


  From the pictures this train looks a fair distance away. . . but let me explain. . . it is a lot closer than that!

Did you know that trains are HOT, and NOISY LOUD and Kind of creepy to ride next to when they are moving???

. . . well, now you do!


While I didn’t make it to the finish line. .  .

we were successful in getting to the top of the smallest climb of the day. . .

why they determined this the KOM is beyond me! 

Seriously. . . this was a mere warm-up


Linda or I never did make it to the finish line Sad smile
This ride is called the "Ultimate Challenge" for good reason.

Superman was amazing as he ran 100% volunteer support for Linda and myself.  Once we got to Park City he went ahead to the finish line to meet Doug and watch the pros come through the finish line . . .

the same one Linda and I never made it too . . .

While we were barely moving at speeds of 4 mph going up the pass of Park City, the pros came through. . . 

I was grateful as they forced everyone off the road which meant I was able to rest as they bolted up this mountain at what appeared to be 12-15 mph (that is a total guess) . . .

There was good reason they entirely cleared the road for these guys. . . they literally took up the entire width of the road with themselves, support crews/cars, the media. . . etc.  I wish I had pics for you but I didn't have my camera with me. . . just know it was an amazing thing to witness

they made it look so easy!  It was an awesome site to see

Doug and Superman came and picked us up at the gas station at the bottom of Big/Little Cottonwood Canyon . . . I guess I get to try this again next year.

The following week was Wildflower.  

Superman encouraged me to go and I’m so glad he did!  Once again this ride was a highlight of the year. . . after a disheartening year for cycling, I was grateful for this shining moment.


. . . this was my favorite ride last year, but being just days before moving I hesitated, questioning in the wisdom of participating.


I awoke at 5 am. . . with a kink in my neck like I haven’t had in a VERY long time! the pain was shooting down my arm and I couldn’t turn my head. . .

And I was supposed to ride 75 miles today. . .

Stress, reveals itself at the most inopportune times :(

Superman worked on me for 45 minutes before we left to drop me off

This isn’t me. . . but it was.
at one of the rest stops this guy who was a PT was there and he worked on me too. . .

OWWWIE it hurt!

it helped a little but my neck never did loosen up for the duration of the ride . . . in fact it took another three days and a visit to my Chiropractor to get comfy again


This hill called big mountain is 5 miles up. . . when I saw this sign my heart sunk. . . and for a minute I didn’t think I had enough in me to make it to the top. . . but I simply kept pedaling my bike and up the mountain I went. . .



Again not a stellar performance by comparison last year. . . but thanks to great friends I made it to back to the finish line happy and glad I came!

okay, back to moving. . .

five days before moving day, the Owners of the home we purchased, were determined that we needed to learn how to do Corn. . . 

and it was ready NOW . . .

so one more trip to Cache Valley. . .


. . . to help process corn

The elderly couple we purchased our home from are wonderful and have been more than gracious to us in this transaction teaching us all they know to make the transition easier and their knowledge has been invaluable in many ways. . .

It has been their goodness in our behalf that caused us to decide to accommodate their desire to do corn on this day. . . we are glad we went and have determined to keep in contact with them.

Then the following week we moved which has consumed our lives for an ENTIRE Summer, but exclusively for the past 3 weeks!


Then we retrieved as much furniture from River Heights as
possible while we had recruited help there


This was our final load from K-Town

while these were taken the following day. . . we were driving home with this Hill-Billy load of odds and ends at 3 am. . .

just hours before our deadline to be completely out of the Kaysville home. . .

. . . hey, it’s very difficult to take pictures in the dark

. . . and besides that we were EXHAUSTED!!!


With many thanks and MUCH gratitude to many friends and neighbors there is NO WAY we would have been able to pull this off without their help and time.

There is one thing that we have learned. . .

. . . we have a lot of stuff!

three days after we moved. . .

Back to K-Town where Superman’s son received his official Eagle award:

It was a tender moment. . . he actually earned his Eagle two years earlier, but due to one snafu after another it took until now to have this incredible accomplishment officially presented.


His Aunt came and stood in for his mother who passed away nearly 2 years ago.


Then came two unexpected surprises. . .

Superman received an honorary award for being an incredible scout master for over 7 years
The title of this award is “ON MY HONOR” . . . he worked hard as a scoutmaster and leader and is/was highly respected in all he did to guide scouts to successful lives both in scouting and in life.


I am truly married to a wonderful man . . . and the title of Superman that I have given him on da blog just doesn’t seem to be good enough. . .

but I don’t know what else to say 


Then came surprise #2. . .


both boys receiving their Eagles that night choose to give their mentor pins to Superman
It was a great evening and an honor to be part of this night.


To see all of these men in the Eagles Nest was a touching moment to finish the night off.

LOTOJA was the first weekend of September and we were still living out of boxes as we are desperately trying to find time to get them ALL emptied. . .

trust me there are a TON of boxes to empty still, and we have gone through  mountains, piles, and mounds of boxes already!


Then one day after we had moved, the week prior to LOTOJA we took some time off and went for a ride around Bear Lake. . .

I saw these sailboats and just had to take a minute to 
enjoy the peace and serenity that they  represented. . .

it took me back to a day when I was on a sail boat. . . 

one of the most relaxing and enjoyable activities I have done in my life time . . . just seeing them made me go back to that day and cherish that simple moment in life.

Somewhere in the middle of all of this we managed to create a couple of B-Day cakes along the way. . .

It was the Oreo’s first Birthday. . .


Happy Birthday to our little Oreo!

Then Superman’s Son had a birthday too! . . .


Finally a treat for a summer party for Superman’s Co-Workers. . .


The desert was to begin with the third letter of the first name. . .  in our case this was the letter “D” so we went with Devils food Cake, covered in Dark Chocolate.

So there you have it. . . a recap of Summer 2013. . . 

I’m tired and VERY glad that it’s over
and that we are settling into our new home with life better than it has ever been!

We're looking forward to an amazing wonderful season next year!

Thanks for stopping in, and as always . . .
remember to find joy in YOUR journey of life!

Keep watch for the Rockwell Relay and LOTOJA race/event reports . . . 

I promise they are coming VERY Soon!



  1. How did you do it all? I'm tired reading about it!

  2. Robbie, I'm not sure how we fit everything in either! I only know that I am so very grateful to be settling in and looking forward to getting back on track with my nutrition plan, training, and my personal life which includes things like da-blog.

    Thanks for stopping in to say hello!