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Friday, September 20, 2013

Rockwell Relay 2013: Preparations:

The Rockwell Relay Post of the event itself is pretty lengthy so I have decided to put this first section up separately. . .

Here we are mid-September and I am just writing about an event that happened on the
7-8th of June!  It’s been a busy Summer. . . 

Sometimes they say. . . 

                       “better late than never” 

. . . hopefully that applies to me now.

A few days before. . . okay, the day before . . . 
(It’s not always a good thing to rub your way of living onto others)  

anywho continuing on. . . 

Superman customized his trailer for our total style, convenience and comfort!
(it’s also important to note here that until he married me,
Superman was always in perfect control and prepared for everything AND NEVER left anything to the last minute!) 

2013 750

Obviously we closed the tailgate when traveling, but this the method of choice to transport ourselves, our gear, and bikes across 527 miles of desert country for the Rockwell Relay, and back home again.

Trust me, there is a LOT of gear involved for a two day ride with three changes of clothes both for riding the bike and for everyday attire, in addition to food, nutrition, and snacks along the way

It all began when Superman was totally pumped for the Rockwell Relay!  This was his first official ride and to be honest, I’ve never seen someone so Jazzed as he was for a first ride!
and for those of you who don’t know, Superman, has a genius knack for making life better and more comfortable. . .

the only thing that I sort of didn’t get excited about was the portable massage table, and in the end I think he agrees it was best we left that part out. . . 

there simply wasn’t enough room for all of our stuff. . . AND a massage table –even though it was portable and folded up into a nice little square.
there wasn’t time to use it anyway
we were too tired and busy, and sweaty/sticky to care. . .

. . . at least for me, if we would have pulled it out I wouldn’t have wanted to get up again and someone would have had to just dump me off onto the hard ground or just fold it up with me still in it!

After the thought processes took off, the rest of us common folks saw it:


begin to take shape here . . .

                                                                          on the garage floor


to here, inside the trailer

. . . First, a shelf to put our duffels,
and other necessities

This shelf turned out to be an ingenious idea and we used it for the entire trip. . .
in fact we still use it for many various objects and when moving it came in uber-doober useful


Next up: a simple piece of industrial grade velcro att5ached to the trailer floor


then a strategically placed cleat to hold the bikes in place while driving


the Velcro wrapped around the back tire. . .


the cleat secured the front forks and all four bikes stayed exactly where we wanted them!


with the coolers full of nutrition and other goodies at the front of the trailer
with the wheels velcroed to the sides and back just above the coolers.

the bikes and all of our necessary belongings traveled across the Utah desert in style
without causing damage to anything.


. . . the full set up complete with an aisle to get to the stuff packed at the back

. . . it worked like a charm.

life was so much easier and organized with our trailer accommodations

the trailer. . .

         . . . became our changing room

while it did get a tad bit warm with the door closed so the changing process was sped up dramatically from what it typically takes to change ones clothes after a hard ride. . . no lollygagging around was desired by the changee!
  • we enjoyed snacks
  • rested a bit
  • put together food when we were hungry

. . . and waited & supported each other using the trailer as a perching post

. . . The trailer was pure AWESOMENESS!


I interrupted  Superman long enough to take this pic. . . he truly is amazing and everything he does is awesome. . .

. . . of course I’m not bias or anything. . . only true facts

Even before we had returned home from St. George, Superman was thinking and planning on ways to improve on the trailer design for next year. . . 

it will be fun and exciting to see what he comes up with!

We were ready to roll!

Look for the entire Rockwell Relay experience in the following post on Monday or Tuesday!


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